Why Should Landlords Use SPEEDHOME?

Should landlords use SPEEDHOME? Just do a Google search “Property Website Malaysia” – showed 64 million results. Fret not, actually there are just a handful of major players in the market. The major ones are:

iProperty, PropertyGuru, Propwall, Mudah…

But it’s already confusing for consumer. What are the differences between the platforms and why do they exist?

What do real estate platforms do for the market?

A very brief history to these sites on a high level overview:

iProperty and Mudah domains were registered in 2003 and 2007 respectively. They are arguably the pioneers of Malaysia internet; the Internet version of Malaysia Yellow Pages. The core offering is allowing advertiser to advertise on the website to get leads and eventually, hopefully advertiser convert a sale.

That business model was proven and therefore multiple platforms emerged with similar offerings. The business model, given it is charged based on number of listings, it is heavily skewed towards capturing property agents as one of their core revenue.

For example if a listing costs RM1 for 30 days, and the company sales target for the month is RM10,000. It would mean they need to find 10,000 listings.

  • Going direct to homeowner, you need to find minimum 9000 homeowners (assuming some owners have multiple properties at the same time for sales / rent at that particular month);
  • Going direct to agents where we assume each agent have 25 listings, the website just need to find 400 agents to advertise.

Simple math, you would know that these websites would prefer to liaise with 400 agents as opposed to 9000 homeowners.

With that, majority of the property websites are focused on agents. And some even decided not to accept any listing request from homeowners!

Poor homeowners, so what can you do?

SPEEDHOME will save you, time,money and headaches!

Now. Enter SPEEDHOME. How does SPEEDHOME work?

updated process

SPEEDHOME is a platform that empowers homeowners and tenant to rent direct + providing all the tools for them to rent a house easily. For example: chat solution, tenant filtering solution, signing electronic tenancy agreement, rental collection and many more…

It is as simple as that! SPEEDHOME automates the entire processes for you and best of all, SPEEDHOME uses CCRIS data to analyse and predict tenant’s capability to pay your rental so that you can lease in peace.

We hope that you like it!

So download SPEEDHOME mobile app now!

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