Your Terrible Roommate is on the List?

Ugh! What a day! I’m already fed up after a long and tough day. Still, I got to face my LOVELY roommate. Sounds familiar to you? Yup! We know what you have suffered from and it is unbearable to see this “someone” every single day!

We’re going to pinpoint a few types of roommates that tend to drive us crazy! Let’s start!

Here! The Questioner! The one who keeps asking 5W1H (What, When, Where, Why, Who & How)! Sounds like a rocket scientist? No, those are POINTLESS questions and you wouldn’t like to answer them. Questions like – Where did you go? What are you doing? Who were you with, etc. The Questioner will question your every whereabouts just to be ‘close’ to you! Worst, he/she always does it at night! Jeez! Just let me SLEEP!

Wish to tell: Give me a break or get me some invisible earbuds!

Next up, Noise-maker! Someone who can make noises as loud as an orchestra in a small confined space! Every single night, you got to pray to God to mute your ears whenever the Noise-maker is at home, because you can’t sleep while the orchestra is ON! Sometimes, he turns out to be a party maker, bringing friends home to do ‘I DON’T CARE’ thing while exercising his vocal tune every single second.

Wish to tell: Please keep it down, I can’t stand it anymore!

Hang in there! It’s not done! The most terrible roommate will be a GEEK! Doing everything in a Geek-way! God knows what he/she is doing and why, because you can’t figure out either. Sometimes, trying to be friendly but all I can see is his sexy back!  I wondered, does he even know how to turn around and speak? Err… How exactly does he communicate? Well, definitely not with his mouth! He uses his eyes instead! He loves staring all the time till  you get that deep creep inside!

Wish to tell: Hire a Communication Translator to be with you and STOP staring at me!

Alright! Stop nodding your head right there. I know what you’ve been through and it’s real frustrating! Here’s an advice! Fix it or get over it! Or you can ask Saywa-the property rental mobile app for help! Till then, Cheers!

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