To make home rental as great as renting and living in a 6-star hotel.

Established in 2015, Speedrent Technology SDN BHD is a licensed insurance agency with the vision to enhance home rental protection and improve renting efficiency by combining insurance protection and technological innovation.

With Allianz General Insurance as our official rental insurance provider since 2017, landlords can secure their property with insurance protection up to RM42,000 while tenants can rent with Zero Deposit.

In 2019, we started a new chapter by rebranding our platform as SPEEDHOME (previously known as Speedrent). SPEEDHOME continues the initiative to improve home rental protection and enhance the drive to empower landlords and tenants with a safer and more reliable rental platform through technological innovation.

What we stand for
No DiscriminationNo Discrimination

Discrimination has no place on our platform and everyone deserves fair treatment, regardless of race, gender, or beliefs.

A Secure Renting ExperienceA Secure Renting Experience

Landlords deserve to rent their property with full peace of mind. Together with Allianz, landlords can secure their property up to RM42,000

Affordable RentingAffordable Renting

Everyone deserves a comfortable place to stay no matter their financial circumstances. Our Zero Deposit rental takes away the barriers to renting your dream home.

Start your seamless end-to-end rental journey with SPEEDHOME
Our Values

Prejudices, stereotyping, and discrimination have no place at SPEEDHOME. In fact, something that we all hold close to our hearts is that the judgment of a person must only be based on their actions and intentions alone.

It does not matter what a person’s race, gender or beliefs are, our team will treat them fairly and equally with the utmost respect. This goes far beyond the 9-5 too, we very much carry these beliefs outside the office.


Mediocre is not a word that would be associated with the efforts, passion or productivity exhibited by the SPEEDHOME family. We believe that the amalgamation of a positive mindset, environment, and working culture generates exceptional results, as do we.

We strive to produce nothing short of mind-blowing. From our initial conceptualized brainstorming ideas to our techie innovations and the services that we provide to our partners. If you engage with SPEEDHOME in any shape or form, expect to be Mindblown!

Fun with serious intent!Fun with serious intent!

You know, everything can be colorful when you take pride in doing your work by having some fun! With such a large proportion of our time being spent at work, why not enjoy it right? Well, that’s what we do anyway!

We not only relish our tasks but we also take them very seriously, ensuring objectives are met, work performance is high and our stakeholders are happy. We enjoy a culture of growth, cooperation, and positivity...to put it simply we work hard and we play hard!

Do the right thingDo the right thing

Even if it’s not the easiest action to take, we truly believe that one must do the right thing in every situation. If something’s unjust or wrong, you can rely on us to raise our concerns and our decisions will not be based on negative emotions such as vengeance or resentment. We instead base our judgments on insight and understanding

If doing the right thing is more time consuming or more strenuous than an alternative, the benefit of doing it will always outweigh the time and effort taken to do it in the long run.


As an advocate for equality, SPEEDHOME believes that diversity is essential to build a world where everyone feels they belong. We trust that coexisting with differences starts from home and we’re taking actions to end discrimination and build a more inclusive company. No matter your race, beliefs, gender, or sexual orientation you will be treated equally at SPEEDHOME. So, jump on board!

Our Achievements
Less than 72 hours!

From browsing for homes to viewing, and move-in.

12 hours 58 mins

It's the record time it takes to rent a property.

320k+ app downloads

With an average rating of 4.85 out of 5.

517k+ tenant inquiries

Over half a million chat requests sent.

89k+ property listings

A long list of Zero deposit homes to choose from.

Here’s what press has to say about us
"SPEEDHOME is solving real problems. They are easing the economic burden on both landlords and tenants by providing zero deposit rental and protecting landlords with insurance coverage, also to solve the racism problem in the property market. They are doing great stuff"
Under SPEEDHOME’s discrimination-free policy, individuals regardless of their color and background will be accorded fair treatment when looking for properties to rent as landlords will not be able to include tenants’ criteria when posting their property.
- Malay Mail

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