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How do I edit my listing?
  • Login and click your name.
  • Select “My Listings”.
  • Click on the listing and select "Edit".
  • Select the three horizontal lines on the top left.
  • Click “My Listings & Properties”.
  • Tap on “Edit”.
Is a digital tenancy agreement legal in Malaysia?

A digitally signed tenancy agreement legal with its duty stamped copy are admissible in court under Section 7 of Electronic Commerce Act 2006 and Section 62(2) of Digital Signature Act 1997.

Section 7 of the Electronic Commerce Act 2006 basically states that an electronic message can be used to express any related communication when it comes to a contract formation.

As for Section 62(2) of Digital Signature Act 1997, a document signed with a digital signature is as legally binding as a document signed with a handwritten signature, an affixed thumbprint or any other mark.

Insurance Protection:

What does the protection cover?

There are two available options: please refer to the table below.

Basic Extended
Up to 80% of 2 months’ rental Coverage for loss of rental Up to 2 months’ rental coverage
Up to RM1,000 Inconvenience benefits / minor property damage Up to RM2,000
Up to RM15,000 Accidental damage or theft coverage Up to RM30,000
Up to 2 demand letters Demand letters Up to 2 demand letters
None On-Time Rental (OTR) Free
Who will pay for the Allianz protection?

You as the landlord will pay for the insurance protection.

Basic Extended
Insurance cost paid by the landlord
1 month’s rental
6% SST*
RM10 insurance stamping fee*
*Paid in full the first month
1.25 month’s rental
6% SST*
RM10 insurance stamping fee*
*Paid in 2 equal installments
Payment schedule
100% of the 1st month rent*
*Note: 6% SST and 10 MYR stamping fee will be deducted from the second month’s rental.
62.5% of the 1st month rent*
plus RM5 stamping fee
62.5% of the 2st month rent*
plus RM5 stamping fee
*Note: 6% SST applies.

Note: Insurance coverage is applicable to only those who have completed transactions with SPEEDHOME (rental ranging from RM800 – RM5000 for home.

Room Rental & Utility Costs

What should be included with my rental? / Should utilities be included in the rental?

Your rental amount should include utilities, Internet and once a month cleaning costs. Note that if you set your rental amount too high, it will be difficult for your property to attract tenants. We highly advise you to check out the average value of the same properties in the surrounding area and calculate costs before setting the amount.

Is there a limit for utility / internet costs being included in the rental amount?

Yes, there is. You should estimate the cost properly. If the total amount is set too low, you will lose out on money. Be careful when you combine your utility bills and rental!

What if the tenant keeps the common room dirty? Who will do the cleaning?

The tenant is responsible for their own room.


In the case of default payment, when will SPEEDHOME pay me? / What if my tenant refuses to pay rent? / What if my tenant defaults?

You have to file a police report within 2 weeks of the incident and notify us immediately. We will process the claims procedure on your behalf.

Will I be notified in case of non-payment? / What if rental hasn’t been paid or transferred to me?

Yes. We will always keep you notified in case of any delay in the payment via SMS, WhatsApp and phone calls. You can also check the rental status using the app.

You can always email [email protected] for any further rental issues.