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    Rental Payment Reminders to Tenants

    Through phone calls, emails, WhatsApp and SMS, we’ll do the chasing for you.

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    Free and Secure Rental Collection

    That’s right. We’ll help you collect the rent and transfer it to you within 3 days. If you have On-Time Rental (OTR), you’ll get your rent on time for the duration of the tenancy.

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    Quality Tenant Screening

    Strict background checks through CTOS/RAMCI on tenants.

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    Speedy Eviction Process

    SPEEDHOME assists you to manage with legal requirements for a fast eviction process.

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    Secure Yourself up to RM42,000

    Secure your house up to RM42,000 with SPEEDHOME and Allianz after successfully renting out on our platform!  Learn more

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    Completely Free

    SPEEDHOME is completely free-to-use for searching or posting properties. No hidden charges.