With Allianz, we secure you up to RM26,000. The insurance covers inconvenience benefits, minor property damage, theft of/damage to home content and cleaning charges (applicable to room rental only). You can get protected after successfully renting out your property with us.

A soft copy of the insurance policy will be sent to you through email within 30 working days after the start of the tenancy.

Insurance cost: (Last month’s rental + 6% SST) + RM 10 insurance stamping fee

Example: Rent: RM900
SST: 6% x RM900 = RM54
Rent + SST = RM 954
Total: RM 954 + RM10 = RM 964

Note #1:

House/property insurance is only available for those who successfully transact through SPEEDHOME with rental ranging from RM800 to RM5000.

Note #2:

Room rental insurance only applicable to those who successfully transact through SPEEDHOME from RM300 - RM1500.

Note #3:

The 6%SST and RM10 will be deducted from your 1st month’s rent.


How claims work

All claims require a police report and supporting documents. The requirements are as below:

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    Inconvenience benefits

    Outstanding bills (e.g: TNB or Water Bills)

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    Cleaning charges

    Receipt/invoice and pictures of dirty premise need to be provided.

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    Minor damages

    Invoices/receipts/quotation for fixes along with pictures from different angles of the damages.

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    Theft and damage to household content

    Invoices/receipts/quotation with pictures of damages/police report (theft).

When to submit

Submit your claims report within 2 weeks of the incident. After the 2-week period, requests will not be entertained.

What you can claim and the time required:
What can I claim? Time required
Loss of up to 2 months of rental 3 - 7 working days

Up to RM1,000 for inconvenience benefits (i.e: utility bills) or minor property damage


Cleaning charges or minor property damage up to RM200

3 - 7 working days

Up to RM15,000 for accidental damage or theft in/from the property


Up to RM500 for theft of household content from the tenant’s room

3 - 7 working days
Up to 2 letters of demand if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent -

Any consequential loss or damage of any kind will not be insured. They are only covered if the losses/damages are caused by your tenant.