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4 Tips To Sell Yourself As An Ideal Renter

So you’ve found an apartment, a nice cosy unit overlooking the city and the bed by the window shows the beautiful gleam of the midnight moon. Perfect for Netflix, hot chocolate or a good book for the weekends. You immediately call the landlord and he has agreed to meet you in person as well as to show you the apartment unit!


The next step is figuring out how to sell yourself for an apartment interview to win over your prospective landlord. Renting a house or apartment isn’t always about the ability to commit to payment and for the landlord to rent the place to you, you got to make a positive first impression.


So here are 4 Tips To Sell Yourself As An Ideal Renter:


1.Legal documents

House interviews work a little different from job interviews. If you have a resume prepared for a job, then have another resume prepared called, “Rental Resume”.


It is not as difficult though, all you need is the rental application that you have completed, a credit score sheet with good scores, and supporting documents such as reference letters from the previous landlord.


Having these documents prepared ahead of time and presenting it to the landlord will be very helpful and shows that you are a responsible tenant.


2.Be punctual

When you have confirmed your appointment with the landlord, be sure to reach the venue on time. Your ability to arrive at appointments on time is a huge indicator of whether you are serious about renting the place.


If you are running late, be honest and let the landlord know before hand so he or she knows instead of waiting and maybe even getting annoyed. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to renting, it is always a good first impression to be courteous.

3.Dress Decently

Just like a job interview, you are entitled to dress nicely. Granted whatever you choose to wear is your choice, but a decent shirt, pair of jeans, shoes and neatly combed hair will give the impression that you are a responsible tenant.


People still judge a person by how they look thus, better to play safe and show up in a more appropriate and approachable attire. No one is going to trust you with their house if you go in your Lady Gaga night out outfit, well at least not until they get to know you better.

4.Pet- situation? Clear it up

Should you have a pet living with you, it can get a little tricky. Pets don’t have a “rental resume” that tells landlord how well-behaved they are or how many treats they get for being a good boy. Cautious landlords tend to avoid renters with pets because it’s a much easier solution than to find out if the pet is well-trained or not.


So tenants, clear this up. The first thing that you should be asking if you own a pet is  “Are pets allowed?”. If the house is pet-friendly, bonus! But if the landlord is picky about the pets you’re bringing in, schedule another date for a pet interview session for the landlord to get to know your pet.


Be the model tenant that landlords can trust and hopefully after you move in, you can have better certainty that the landlord will value you when it comes to signing a renew lease or returning your deposit.

Good Luck!

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