5 Key Things Landlords Look For In Tenants. Number #5 Is Jackpot!

There are good tenants & bad tenants everywhere. And of course, you would want to be classified as a good or awesome tenant. That’s how you can get to your landlord’s heart and maybe even make a friend while renting a home. So before renting a house, make sure you know the do’s and don’t and put yourself in the landlords shoes.

So what does a landlord look for in a good tenant? How can you be a good tenant that will charm the hearts and keys of landlords? You must have 5 qualities of course!

1. Stability


A good tenant is a stable tenant. We don’t mean someone who balances well on a beam. What landlords want is proof that you have what it takes to pay your dues every month.


So be prepared with your proof of employment or education when you’re looking for a house. They’re not here to judge what you work as or where’s you’re studying. All they need is the reassurance that you have a stable income source to afford all your dues.

2. Reference And Reputation

A good tenant would usually have a previous landlord who would be more than willing to fill you in on how they are. Don’t be afraid to ask your previous landlord for a reference. If you’ve been a good tenant, your landlord is sure to help you out.


So be good to your landlords, people! Having a good reference from another landlord can help convince the new one about your good manners & diligence.

Besides, if you are already the kind of person with good vibes going on, no landlord can resist trusting you with the keys to their property.

3. Courtesy And Respect


A good tenant will be courteous towards the landlord and fellow neighbours. Landlords can see your character even before you start renting the house. Always treat your landlord, housemates and neighbours with the respect. Treat others right and you will be making more friends than just acquaintances when renting a new home.


Make sure you are always on time for appointments. And never do last minute changes that will inconvenience your landlord. Mind your Ps, Qs and be polite even in sticky situations.

Remember to leave good impression because sometimes the first impression is the one that will define how we are going to be treated  in future.

4. Good Co-tenants

A good tenant shall not hide stowaways. By stowaways, we mean unlisted co-tenants. Landlords want to know who will be living together with you not to judge you but to understand your living condition.

And if you are open about who you’re staying with, they won’t worry too much about who will be the co-tenants. This will create a sense of trust between you & the landlord.


The occasional once in a blue moon sleep over is fine just remember to state that earlier on you be having a family over if they visit. Common courtesy will go a long way when it comes to renting a house and your landlord will most definitely take note of your honesty.

5. You Pay Rent Like Clockwork!

A good paymaster is a good tenant. And hence, a good candidate for the house. So always make sure your dues are paid on time! Some landlords will take this as a major consideration if you are to continue your stay after the agreed tenure or even avoid raising the rent as long as you keep to the promised payment date.

Sure, anyone can be in a bit of a hiccup with their loans. But never paying for them? Oh no, landlords will not approve. Be mindful of due dates and when you should be paying.


Now that we’ve mentioned all 5 things that tenants should have, do you have some of your own that is not included? If you have those qualities and you are looking for a place to rent, why not try SPEEDHOME? They have great landlords who are looking for awesome tenants like you! Not to mention, there’s NO DEPOSIT ! You will also be protected if anything happens along the way with your landlord.

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