7 Rules on What to Look for When Renting an Apartment.

7 Rules on What to Look for When Renting an Apartment.

Renting a house is always a challenge and sometimes we tend to rent the places which are the cheapest or the ones with the lowest deposit. The common mistakes which tenants make is never taking into consideration about the place they are renting, which normally is never mentioned in any add posting.

Here are 7 things to know before renting out a house!

  1. Who are you renting with?

Nice room, open living area and a kitchen for you to do some cooking. Some of the major things you are looking for. It all looks good until you realize later that the person you are renting the house or apartment is a total slob!

Doesn’t clean the house, leaves food everywhere and isn’t considerate on the things he cooks which makes the whole house smell icky. You really need to know when renting a house for the first time that who stays in the house matters too, no matter how good a deal the room is, who you live with matters.

Housemates can be your life saviour but you gotta be on the same wave length and vibe. If you just don’t gel, it is going to be hard to be yourself in your own rented home. So make sure to ask your landlord a little bit more on who else is renting it with you.

  1. The condition of the toilet, kitchen and rooms.

Never trust a picture, with filters that could make you look like Britney Spears or the next big Kpop artist, you can’t really trust pictures anymore.

A lot of landlords take a lot of time to make the place look amazing online, but nothing comes near to seeing the place with your own eyes.

Always check the major areas of the house, the toilets, kitchen and of course the room you are looking to rent. The reason is, by the condition of the house, you will know if your landlord is the type that will make sure everything is maintained in tip-top condition.

leaking bathroom

The last thing you would want to do is to rent from a landlord that rarely comes over or never even fixes any issues like a leaking pipe or any kitchen issues. If you can’t tell if the place you are looking at is being well maintained and you just don’t have the time to have a look at the house, why not try SPEEDHOME?

They do the dirty work of finding the best landlords with the most awesome rentals! You will never have to worry about being in a messy situation with the SPEEDHOME app, which is fast, accurate and super easy!

  1. What can you do in the home?

Be wary when renting on the rules of the house, some landlords forbid you to do any cooking what so ever and allow you to do the occasional re-heating of food using the microwave. If you are a kitchen maestro like Jamie Oliver, you may be faced with the big issue of not being able to cook your meals. This would be a big major no, no!


Or if you are the type of tenant that likes to chill out of your room, there are also landlords or housemates who don’t allow the common area to be used for such things. You will be surprised about some odd do’s and don’ts , so make sure you ask it before moving in to avoid being disappointed in future.

  1. Do they allow you to have friends over?

This is one of the major points to ask to, after paying rent, who wouldn’t want to have family or friends over to check out the new place. It seems like a small enough matter but some landlords or housemates do not encourage such things and forbid any outsider to be invited in.

friends over

Don’t be caught in a tricky situation and be upfront with touring a rental that you would like to have family or friends over if you are going to rent the space. Communicate all the details would be the best thing to do instead of testing the waters and getting into trouble with anyone.

  1. What facilities are included?

Always make sure to ask what is included in the rent and what is excluded. Some rentals seem really cheap but there me some hidden cost such as the electricity bill, internet and weekly cleaning services.


Take extra detailed when checking a rental out, especially if it is your first time, always be aware of such extra cost. If you are okay with the cost then it would be fine, but if you aren’t try negotiating or meet half way with the landlord.

Cause sometimes both parties can come to an agreement which will make both sides happy. At the end of the day, a landlord wants a good tenant who pays on time and doesn’t destroy the property and a tenant wants a good deal to call a home with an understand landlord who takes care of the property too.

  1. What are the do’s and don’ts?

Rules of the house tend to be there to avoid any misuse of the house or rented apartment. Tenants tend to assume a lot before checking with their landlord or housemates. It’s a big no when it comes to changing any permanent physical look of the rooms such as drilling or nailing things to the wall.


It may seem like a small thing but honestly it isn’t. Always bare in mind that as a tenant you are responsible for the home and are accountable if there are stains or damages on the property.

Always check before cooking sambal belacan that may make the whole house smell, Is it okay to have someone sleep over at the house or even the kinds of food allowed in the fridge?

Never be too confident that what seems okay with you is okay for others.

  1. The surrounding area, how is the neighbourhood?

Finally, always check the neighbourhood out too. No matter how good a deal a rental is and how much you save if you rented the place, if the area is dangerous for you, it is not going to be worth it in any way.

Working women especially need to be aware of the neighbourhood and if any crime cases had happened around there in the past few months. Are your neighbours the helpful or friendly type? Always good to have a glimpse of the neighbours because they could be your best friend in times of need or when you leave for a long holiday away.


If you have taken into consideration on all of the above, we are pretty sure your next rental will be fitted to your needs.

To ensure you experience a seamless and hassle free process when you want to rent an apartment, SPEEDHOME is here for you always. So let us help you out! Renting an apartment can be fun, but it also comes with a few risks, get yourself prepared before making that decision here.

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