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Can I Prevent Tenants from Damaging my Property?

So you’ve put up your house on listing and in less than a week a tenant comes in and seals the deal. Your tenant moves in, you get your first payment, they get the house key, you get your rental money and everyone’s happy.

But wait! What if the tenant damages your property? Ever thought about getting back a damaged house? If this happens, are you going to call a lawyer?

Well… if it’s too serious thennnn probably. However, you could always prevent it from happening with these few tips;

Screen your tenants

To prevent losing on your investment, such as paying a load of money for damages, the rule of thumb in rental housing is tenant background checks.

It is a tedious process as it involves referrals from previous landlords, bank statements and other personal information. These credit checks are the strongest indicator for a responsible tenant. Therefore, you never fall short in screening your tenant.

Setting standards and keeping it

Just like clients, tenants’ have high expectations on the state and cleanliness of the rental property upon the arrival of their first visit. If all the facilities in the house are in working condition, clean and well-managed, the tenant will view this standard as a must to uphold.

As a landlord you are showing by example; therefore, making sure that your property is fully functional and liveable; therefore, before you list your house take some time to inspect your house and make small fixes.

Build a healthy relationship with the tenant

Developing a friendly and healthy landlord-tenant relationship helps them to be more respectful of you and the property. It gives the tenant a feeling of wanting to take diligent care of your property instead of feeling obligated to do so.

Landlords need to have effective communication and social skills to give a positive impression to the tenants. Landlords should be encouraging when it comes to housekeeping and functionality.

Do random checks on your property

Making quick checks on your property is not just about checking up on your tenants, it’s also looking out for repair needs. Workout with tenant so they would update you early when a damage is spotted so it could be avoided so you are safe from paying a lot for repairs.

How Do I Claim Insurance For Damages On My Property?

Ever heard of the new way to rent your property via an app? It’s called SPEEDHOME, they do all of the above for you and you don’t have to pay them any premium service charges!

With SPEEDHOME, you can secure your home up to RM42,000 if you successfully rent with them! They will provide up to RM2000 to cover the damages or cleaning expenses as a result of the tenant. If there is theft, you have protection with up to RM30,000 for the loss of home content.

Not only that, if your tenant runs off before the duration promised, you can claim up to 2 months’ of rent! Which is more than enough time to find a replacement tenant. Sounds awesome right? Download the app for more hassle-free services such as their virtual tenancy agreement!

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