How to make your Tenant Pay their Rent!

Here are some of the common ways landlords have used to convince their tenants to pay rent. It might come in handy! So read on!

  1. Eviction notices

Eviction notices are typically issued to tenants who have repeatedly refused to pay rents. This is considered a last resort after tenants have been given repeated warning letters about not paying their rentals.


  1. Threatening to cut power to the premises

For some landlords, the payment of rental includes electrical expenses in which landlords may choose to restrict, should the clients refuse to pay their rents. The arrangement is typically mentioned in the lease.


  1. Physical eviction

Typically involves the landlord taking matters into their hands which could involve measures like physically moving out tenant’s belongings, changing of locks and even violence.


  1. Negotiation

Some landlords may perhaps be more understanding than you think as long as you provide them a good enough reason. This in our opinion is the best way to come to a respectable solution. It is possible that your landlord can be reasoned with if you’ve fallen on difficult financial terms.


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