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All You Need to Know About Short-Term Rental

Everything you need to know about SPEEDHOME Short-Term Rental; all-in-one post.

Short-term rentals refer to the practice of renting out a property for a brief duration, typically for a few days to a few weeks. This form of accommodation has gained significant popularity in recent years, offering travelers a flexible and often more affordable alternative to traditional hotels.

From cozy apartments in bustling cities to charming cottages in scenic destinations, short-term rentals offer travelers a comfortable experience that feels like a home away from home. With the rise of online platforms and booking services, it has become increasingly convenient for both hosts and guests to connect and engage in short-term rental arrangements, fostering a dynamic and vibrant sharing economy.

Does SPEEDHOME offer short-term rental / Can I rent a home short-term?

Yes, you can rent short-term in SPEEDHOME.

A short-term tenancy period of SPEEDHOME users starts from a minimum of 3 months and can be extended to a maximum of 12 months.

How is short-term rental different / Is short-term rental different than standard home rental?

Yes, it is different.

If you choose to rent short-term (i.e: 3-11 months), then there will be a surcharge that will be divided equally over your tenancy period.

The divided amount will be then added to your monthly rental.

However, if you rent normally for 12 months, there will be no surcharge.

How does the surcharge/payment work for tenants with SPEEDHOME’s short-term rental?

As the tenant who wants to rent for a shorter period, you’ll have to pay the first month’s rent together with the surcharge fee. This is how the surcharge works for instance:

Note: The surcharge will be on each month of the rental tenure.

How long is a tenancy period for SPEEDHOME?

A tenancy period for renting short term in SPEEDHOME starts from a minimum of 3 months and can be extended to a maximum of 12 months.

How much does the Speedsign fee cost?

 The Speedsign fee is RM449 + SST.

How do I calculate my short-term rental fee?

Overall, this is how to calculate your short-term rental:

For example:

  1. Rental price = RM1,000
  2. Tenancy Period 10-11 months =  10% Surcharge of the 1st month’s rent.
  3. Final rental price (10% x RM1,000) = RM1,100

How much does it cost to renew my tenancy?

The Speedsign fee renewal cost is fixed at a cost of RM249 + SST. You as the tenant will have to pay to renew it.

In conclusion, renting in a short term period with SPEEDHOME is possible despite the surcharge amount you need to pay to the landlord.

Hence, if you’ve decided to rent for a short period of tenancy, make sure to read carefully your tenancy agreement of your rental to avoid miscommunication later on during your tenancy period!

11 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Short-Term Rental

  • I want looking for short term rental for 3 months stay.if have please let me know

    • Ser Liang Chang

      Dear Sudesh,

      Go ahead and find your unit from and chat with the landlord, our sales will assist 🙂

  • slahuddin

    do we get the surcharge back?

    • Ming Min Wong

      Nope. The surcharge will be used to partially cover the landlord’s insurance fee.

  • Did u have home that can rent less then 3 month..

    • Ming Min Wong

      No we don’t. The minimum tenancy period under SPEEDHOME is 3 months.

  • Chong

    What type of the insurance provider for? To protect the property? Or people?

    • Ming Min Wong

      Yes, it is to protect the property from the damages done by tenants

  • Can we rent for more than 12 months?

    • Hi, the max tenancy period through SPEEDHOME is 12 months which will help tenant from early terminations fees in the future should they have any life plans changes. If you’re looking to rent more than 12 months, you can renew your tenancy agreement as per usual on SPEEDHOME and still enjoy zero deposit!

  • Hey there, you may drop a message in our in-app chat to proceed. Please let us know if you require any assistance and we will assign a representative to assist you.


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