Protect Your Tenant Rights in ~30 mins!

Close your eyes, and picture this.


You’re on your way home after a long day, tired and weary. Your bones ache with exhaustion, and all you want to do is go to sleep.


The doors open, and you nod at the guard and head up towards your unit.


And as the elevator dings, and you walk down the corridor – a flash of white pasted on your door captures your attention. You freeze.


Eviction Notice.

What do you do?

Sudden eviction notices aren’t uncommon. It could be that your landlord has for some reason decide to kick you out. Or maybe, your landlord has an emergency and you have to move out. But it’s sudden and completely out of nowhere.


It makes you wonder: is it possible to prevent this? To protect your rights?



90% of room rentals often end up badly. For tenants, depending on their landlords, they might just be kicked out for no reason…or petty ones.

sign agreement v1


Enter the Tenancy Agreement.



What is a tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement is a contract that protects your rights as a tenant.


What does a tenancy agreement cover?

The tenancy agreement, in a nutshell, covers the conditions of the tenancy. From the tenancy period to payment schedule, house rules such as No Smoking and No Alcohol to guest policies, it also lists out certain obligations and responsibilities of both the landlord and tenant.


Why is a tenancy agreement important?

It is important because it gives you certain rights as well as protect your rights as a tenant. If the other party violates the tenancy agreement, you can take the case to court and the tenancy agreement can be evidence.


It can be used in case something like this happens:

  • Your landlord has suddenly decided to evict you and not return your deposit (breaking the agreement), you can bring the case to court with the tenancy agreement as proof.
  • Your landlord has demanded that you move out within 24 hours with no explanations given.


Is there an online tenancy agreement?

Yes, there is. SPEEDHOME has an online tenancy agreement service called Speedsign.


Is an online tenancy agreement legal? / What Malaysian laws support this?

Yes, an online tenancy agreement is legal. The duty stamped copy of the agreement is admissible in court. There are two local laws that support this:


  1. Section 7 of the Electronic Commerce Act 2006 states that an electronic message can be used to express any related communication when it comes to a contract formation.


section 7 electronic commerce act v1


  1. Section 62(2) of the Digital Signature Act 1997: a document signed with a digital signature is as legally binding as a document signed with a handwritten signature, an affixed thumbprint or any other mark.


How is SPEEDHOME’s online tenancy agreement service, Speedsign different?

Speedsign is different as:


  1. Reviewed by lawyers: our tenancy agreements have been thoroughly reviewed by lawyers for fairness and transparency.
  2. 24/7 available online: You can access the tenancy agreement anytime, anywhere and download a soft copy. Speedsign is also available on our SPEEDHOME app (Google Play; iTunes) and website here.
  3. Fast and Easy: Protect your rights in 30 minutes! All you need to do is fill in the details and sign the agreement. The stamped LHDN copy will be sent to you in ~2 weeks through email.


SPEEDHOME Room Rental Agreement Fee


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