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Steal This Secret To Rent Out Your Home Within 3 Days

Responses speed is the key to success

Malaysia’s property rental market is now facing a level of competition, unlike anything before! To be a winner in this competitive environment, the landlord must be very proactive and responsive to the tenant, or you will lose them, guaranteed. 

CEO of SPEEDHOME, Wong Whei Meng stated, “Nowadays to get a tenant is not easy because the current Malaysia property market is in oversupply.” According to the National Property Information Centre, the number of unsold homes at the end of September 2019 was 31,092. If the owner can’t sell their house, they would definitely be looking for a tenant, so at least they can generate some cash flow to ease their financial burden. 

Show the house within 24 hours

In 2019 Jun, SPEEDHOME launched its first offline service, which helps the busy landlord show their house to the potential tenants in Klang Valley area. Just like Alibaba aims to deliver the good the world from China within 72 hours, in SPEEDHOME they aim to show the house to the tenant in 24 hours.

rent out your home

Conversation rate go sky high 

After SPEEDHOME launched the homerunners services, the busy landlord can now utilise SPEEDHOME to solve their ongoing time-related issues. They can show the tenant around in 24 hours and better yet, it’s FREE! 

Previously, it was not possible to accommodate the needs of the tenant, with a significant gap between the expectations of the tenant and landlord. Now, on the other hand we are helping tenants move into their dream home fast and renting out landlords homes faster than ever before!

Wong added, “Just like other online businesses, the last steps in the business is very crucial for the landlord. Imagine you find your most idyllic house online and it says INSTANT VIEW, meaning you can view instantaneously. Boom! You’d do it right?! This saves time and prevents losing tenants from getting distracted by life’s many distractions!”

Conversation rate increased 30% to 74%

During the previous test run, the homeowners of SPEEDHOME proceeded with using the homerunners, and their transaction deal rate after visiting the house increased monumentally from 30% to 74%!

Whei Meng has himself been overwhelmed with an excellent test result of homerunners operation and it has surpassed his expectations. This test was successful as it exactly met the needs of modern society. It has been identified that whenever tenants choose the desired house on the platform, they were excited to view the house immediately. 

Further than that, after 6 months, SPEEDHOME launched their homerunner services, the sales increased by almost 100%, now 50% of all transactions are contributed by the use of the homerunners services! Not bad for an initiative that’s only been operating for 6+ months!

rent out your home

Say goodbye to any security concern

Malaysia property market- Homerunners have served more than a thousand landlords already by taking tenants on their property viewing. Some landlords stated however, they not feel so comfortable passing their key to the runner, cause they worried about the security issue.

To ease the landlord’s concern it’s very important to know that all the homerunners are SPEEDHOME full-time employees. Before they join SPEEDHOME, they have to pass the company’s very stringent personal background check, including criminal record checks, personal background checks, and drug tests. There are absolutely no issues relating to the security aspect of homerunners.

All full time employee, salary up to 3.5K

Also, unlike the general online catering delivery service platform, the SPEEDHOME homerunners have been provided with a fixed monthly salary. Upon reaching the Key Performance Index (KPI), the salary can be as high as RM3,500.

Habibi, one of the homerunners of SPEEDHOME, also shares: “I used to work in the food delivery platform. The platform never provided its riders with a fixed monthly salary. At present, the number of riders has been increasing, and the market is getting more and more competitive. My income in the previous company was so little. But, the salary and job requirements a SPEEDHOME is more reasonable than my previous job. I am very happy to work here.!”

Wong finally concluded by saying that, the company has seen the employees as the most important asset. Even at the basic level of job scope, the employer should provide a salary that allows the employee to survive comfortably in the city.

He furthermore adds saying that reduction in employee turnover has always been the responsibility of a company.

Fast response and an end to end rental platform is the key to rent out your house faster than your competitor.

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