Tenant Screening Made Easy – No, Seriously.

Having a random stranger move into your house and trusting them to take care of it is a huge leap of faith, to say the least.

I mean, you’re talking about someone who you know nothing about. Nothing at all.

Background check? What’s that? Take too much time lah >_>

But you’re gonna let a stranger into your house tho. Don’t you want to decrease the risk of having a tenant from hell?

A thinking mushroom to decide on taking strangers into your rental house
Many landlords complain about having tenants from hell – from broken kitchen cabinets to destroyed toilets, ruined carpets to cracked windows, the list is endless! Based on our experience, there’s even been a case of damaged water/heater power source.

Like this.

Damaged water/heater power source by tenant from hell

Yeah, not kidding.

The long-term benefits of tenant screening far outweigh the bad, cause you’re taking the time to minimize the risk of getting a tenant from hell.

Who wants their heater to die like 2-3 months down the road anyway?

It might be time-consuming, and you might not know where to start – but what if you had someone to do it for you?

We at SPEEDHOME do background checks on all our landlords’ potential tenants. This includes asking them questions about why they’re moving, verifying their employment or student offer and more.

Wondering what documents we check? Refer to the table below:

tenant background check documents visual

We also check their credit score and history to see if they’re good paymasters.

Why do we do this?

  • To filter quality tenants for our landlords
  • To ensure a healthy tenant pool
  • To minimize the risk for landlords

By doing this, landlords feel more secure and are more at ease in renting out to others 🙂

Of course, vetting doesn’t exactly cover potential damages (we’re good, but we’re also human) – so we also provide landlords with insurance options that can protect them up to RM42,000 (not kidding).

In short, we vet your potential tenants and provide protection up to RM42,000. All you have to do is just post your property on our platform and let us take care of the rest.

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