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Zaidi Zainal
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Speedhome is a good place if you want to find a place if you want to find a place to stay without spending so much money on deposit while they also protection for landlords if something appen during the rental period. Its a win-win situation for both tenant and landlords
Sue Chew Yap
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Innovative home rental concept doing away agent's commission and using insurance to protect landlord's rights
Liana Zaman
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Amazing service! They guide you each step of the way right from the minute you're interested with a place, meeting the landlord, agreeing, and monthly payment. if the designed agent were not reachable, they will let you reach out to another, and they will always get your feedback. It feels safe and trustworthy doing business with them compared to individual agent, for both landlord (who will be covered by insurance) and the tenant.


Frequently Asked Questions
How my house is protected up to RM42,000?

During your rental period, to provide full peace of mind, our Allianz Insurance will protect you up to RM42,000 against loss of rental, property damage and more. You have maximum protection while maximizing speed to lease out. Who says that you can’t have it both.

How Zero Deposit properties get rented out 5X Faster?

Renting out your property with Zero Deposit opens it up to a larger pool of quality tenants. You will gain much greater interest from quality tenants, fast.

How to ensure tenants are good quality paymasters?

To ensure that you get good quality paymasters only, we run industry-leading Zero Deposit Eligibility checks on your potential tenant, using Experian. We reject up to 30% of tenants to reduce your risk. Please e-mail us at [email protected] if you can not find the question/answer you are looking for.

How is tenant screening conducted?

we will conduct credit check and get verification documents from tenant, you can read more at our landlord faq

Can I rent out my place short-term / Can a tenant rent short-term?

Yes, you can. SPEEDHOME’s tenancy period starts at a minimum of 3 months and can be extended to a maximum of 12 months.

What Other Services Do SPEEDHOME Provide?

We Also Provide Free Services You Need For The Whole Rental Cycle Like Digital Agreement Signing, Homerunners For Viewing, Rental Collection and Eviction Guidance.