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RM10,000 rental payment + deposit loss protection for you and your family

Introducing Malaysia’s first tenant protection program that ensures your loved one a safe & warm home even when you lose your income due to an accident and a 1-month deposit loss protection due to malicious deposit deduction by the landlord.


FREE RM10,000 rental payment protection

Ensure your loved one a safe & warm home even when you lose your income due to an accident.


FREE deposit loss protection

Your last month's rental will be reimbursed back to you at the end of the tenancy period if the landlord forfeits your deposit without a valid reason stipulated in the tenancy agreement.


FREE medical expenses & bill compensation

Allianz insurance coverage for your utility bills, telecommunication bills, internet bills and medical expenses.

Save your deposit money.
Rent a home with Zero Deposit now!


No excessive upfront fees


Protected by unbiased Digital Tenancy

Why 60,000+ tenants choose SPEEDHOME?


*These are benefits of Tenant Perlindungan Program and is only applicable to rental fees of
RM500 and above.
**All physical services applicable at selected Klang Valley area only.


SPEEDHOME protects you as we do with our loved ones

Exclusive end-to-end protection starts from the day when you search for a new home!


Thousands of verified listings.

All of our listings are verified and you can chat directly with the owner.


Zero Deposit properties are available

You can rent a Zero Deposit house with no excessive upfront fees paid if landlords choose to rent their house without collecting a deposit.


No hidden charges.

All the prices are disclosed on the website & app. 100% no hidden charges after you confirmed your rent.


The Rental process completes within 3 working days.

A big team to accelerate your renting process so you can get your new home key fast.


Unbiased digital tenancy agreement protection.

A lawyer-approved digital tenancy agreement signing that keeps your tenant rights secure.


Transparent group chat.

A group chat will be created to involve 3 parties - landlord, tenant, and SPEEDHOME team. We will be there to assist you throughout the renting process.

Rent a home with Zero Deposit now!

Rent a home with Zero Deposit now!


Make Your House Viewing Appointment Online.

Submit your details to the house owner and make your house viewing appointment. Download our app for better chat experiences.


Complete Your Document Submission & Booking Payment.

To proceed with renting the house, our customer success team will guide you on every step to complete the document submission for background checks and booking payment. (Booking payment will be used for rental payment).


Sign Tenancy Agreement And Get Your Key.

Sign the tenancy agreement online with a one-time cost of RM399+6% SST to protect your rental throughout the tenure period. Lastly, pay the rental balance and get the keys to your new home!


Protected By Tenant Perlindungan Program

If you rent a house successfully in SPEEDHOME with a rental price of RM500 and above, you will be protected by Tenant Perlindungan Program with up to RM10K rental payment + 1-month deposit loss protection.  Learn more here.

Trusted by millions of tenants



SPEEDHOME is an online property rental platform connecting landlords and tenants to rent directly.

SPEEDHOME is the only rental platform providing tenants protection in Malaysia. All tenants who rent a unit above the RM500 rental fee will be protected under the "Tenant Perlindungan Program" for up to RM10K rental protection + 1-month deposit loss protection when renting in SPEEDHOME. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more here.

SPEEDHOME provides landlords greater protection in several ways:

  1. Click on “Chat with Owner”.
  2. Fill in your details regarding the questions given (your move-in date, offer price, nationality & occupation) and click on “Submit”.
  3. A conversation between you and the landlord will be created.
  4. The landlord will either accept your suggested date & time or request for a new date & time if the landlord cannot meet your suggested house viewing time.
  5. It will reflect in the group chat when the house viewing date & time are confirmed.

*We recommend that you search for at least 5 houses and put a chat request to at least 5 landlords to find a house faster.

No, the tenant does not have to pay anything before the house viewing. Booking fees (RM500) will only be collected when the tenant wishes to proceed to rent the house after the house viewing.

SPEEDHOME provides landlords greater protection in several ways:

  1. Search your home on our website orApp.
  2. Chat with the landlord and make your house viewing appointment.
  3. If interested to rent after the house viewing, pay RM500 booking fee & pass background checks.
  4. Sign digital tenancy agreement & pay the balance rental + deposit (if you rent a deposit rental house) + Speedsign fee (tenancy agreement fee)
  5. Move into your house with full protection.

*FREE Tip to rent a house within a week: Search for at least 5 houses and send a chat/appointment request to at least 5 landlords to find a house faster.

The landlord only allows forfeiting the deposit as per what was pre-agreed and listed in the tenancy agreement.

The landlord cannot forfeit the tenant's deposit without a valid reason stipulated in the tenancy agreement.

To protect the tenants, SPEEDHOME is offering Malaysia first and the exclusive tenant protection: "Tenant Perlindungan Program '' for RM10K rental payment protection & FREE deposit loss protection. Learn more here.

Rent a home with Zero Deposit now!


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Rent a home with Zero Deposit now!

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