Furnishing a Condo in Kuala Lumpur: Step-by-Step Guide

SO you’ve just got yourself an apartment in KL, what’s next? Well, take another deep breath cause it’s time to haul new furniture!

You might be wondering “gosh city this big where do I even start?”

Worry no more, we gotcha covered. Here is your holy guide for affordable furniture and home decor stores in Kuala Lumpur.

Even if you are buying property for investment, you should also compare whether to furnish it or leave it as a basic unit.

Air It OutSPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condo

Like Marie Kondo said it best, let’s spark joy. Get that vitamin D coming in, draw the curtains up let the natural lighting in and you will see your mood livens up.

Unless you’re a vampire, let’s not block the lighting with dark curtains. Go for lighter shades to maximise the light. This works for smaller windows as well.



Bigger is not necessarily better. Try to go for two small coffee table instead of one huge surface. Small tables let you move the traffic flow better, especially when Uncle Bob and his whole family decides to visit. If you want the room to look more spacious go for rectangular or oval coffee tables. They will work best. Get your own Malmo Carsyn Round Coffee Table for RM299 at Hip Van




If there’s one thing we love more than looks and functional furniture, it’s modern furniture with multiple task purpose. Versatile furniture helps to declutter and keep things organised.

This 5-seater sofa bed can be pulled out as a bed. No average bed, a double-decker bed! Available at Macof, ORZO Hori can be easily morphed with a pull of a lever. It needs just a small space as a couch and as beds.


A perfect spot to ponder. Jeanie Bench Chair doubles as a seat and a bookcase is available at Maju Home for RM799

SPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condo

Being vain just got a lot more fun. This furniture combines the dressing table, chest of drawers and display-case into an attractive multifunctional package complete with bright LED vanity lights. Now you can get ready and chuck your makeup in a glass-top drawer. No more scavenging for that favourite brush you need.

Get yours now at Impiana.


Oh no! No space on the couch no more, but the gossiping sesh needs to go on! This padded coffee table with a glass top not only serves as a surface to place your various knick-knacks; pull out the seats from underneath the top glass and you’ll have extra seating for four! Get yours at Nicolo now.

Keep It Cosy

SPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condopexels-photo-1036804

You have an empty condo, and all you can imagine is all the uncle, aunties and little cousins over for festive seasons. Everyone is catching up having a good time, giggles and laughter echo the room. That comfy feeling of a home when everyone is around.

WELL, you have that idea in mind. Now to make it happen.

Did you know a smaller space can actually feel cozy and inviting? Keep all the seating close together, and throw in some fluffy rug or arrange some fluffy throw pillows there and you’re done!
SPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condo

Get your homey Malmo flex 3 Seater Sofa is available at Hip Van for RM6699

What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

SPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condo

Kuah Kacang passing, Yee Sang tossing or Murukku munching around the dining table; the festive season is all about family and food together.

Before you head for the cutest dining table set, there are a few things you should consider.

The table’s size (obviously), the traffic flow of the condo, and height of the table and the chair.

All of that checked out? Go ahead and get that set!

SPEEDHOME Furnishing KL Condo
Carmelo 4ft Rectangle Dining Set 1+4 Available for RM905.

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