Select “Add Property+” beside Login on the top right.

If you’re on the app, click on the menu and click on “My Listings”. Then, click on the “+” button to start posting.

Once done, download the app and enable “Push Notifications” to receive updates and chat requests. You can adjust this in your phone by going to Settings -> Applications -> SPEEDHOME -> App notifications.

Download the app on
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Next, chat with your tenant and set a viewing appointment. You’ll be notified via the app when you receive chat requests or receive a notification on the site when logged in. When you’ve received a chat request, accept it to start chatting with your tenant and set up a viewing appointment as soon as possible.

At the viewing appointment, ask your tenant all relevant questions to clear your doubts and discuss the rental to avoid conflicts.

Some questions you can ask are:

  1. When are you planning to move in?
  2. Where are you working/studying?
  3. Do you have any pets?

If you have the app, please enable your push notifications for SPEEDHOME are on to receive updates and chat request notifications. You can adjust this in Settings -> Applications -> SPEEDHOME -> App notifications

Download the app on


Tenancy Agreement

When you’ve both come to an agreement, go to Speedsign and create a tenancy agreement. Fill in the information and add supplementary clauses (e.g: No Drinking, No Alcohol Allowed) that you want and send it to your tenant. A tenancy agreement usually lasts 6-12 months.

In case of early termination, your tenant must give you and us (SPEEDHOME) 2 months’ notice. If they want to leave immediately, they must pay 2 months’ rent as a penalty.

In both cases, a handover of keys is a must.

Your tenant will then make the payment. Only after the tenant pays you can arrange for a handover of keys.

Tenant Screening

We’ll screen your tenant with CTOS/CCRIS and check their background to make sure that they’re a good tenant for you.


We will remind your tenant 3 days before the rental is due. Once the rental has been paid, we will collect it and transfer it to you within 3 days.

Or, Relax with On-Time Rental. Get paid on time with no worries.

On-Time Rental (OTR) guarantees you your rental on time. All at a cost of RM799 / year. Interested? Contact our finance team at [email protected]