Step 1: POST


You can post as many listings as you like.

Step 2: 对话


Once the viewing has been confirmed, our Sales team will set up a WhatsApp group between you and the tenant.

Step 3: 见面

SPEEDHOME will do the viewing for you with our homerunners team*.

提示 #1:

If you want to do the viewing yourself, please inform our team at [email protected] or contact us at +6018 7777 650.

提示 #2:

For added security and peace of mind, our homerunners will record the viewing and send you the video as per request.

What is homerunners?

homerunners is a specially crafted free viewing management service for landlords. Our homerunners will meet up with the tenant and close the deal for you.

How does homerunners work?

Our homerunners process is:

  1. 您打算什么时候搬入?
  2. 您在哪里工作/就学?
  3. 你有养任何宠物吗?
Step 1: homerunners collect your keys
Step 2: homerunners clean your house
Step 3: homerunners show the house to the tenants

*T&C apply.


我们会透过CTOS/CCRIS等信贷审查平台对你的用户进行审查,以确保他们是一位素质良好的租户。 check their background to make sure that they’re a good tenant for you.

What we’ll check:
  • Financial repayment records
  • Employment/Study verification
  • Background



Tenant pays the rent to SPEEDHOME
SPEEDHOME receives the payment
SPEEDHOME transfer the rental to the landlord within 3 working days

Download our app on:

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