Zero Deposit

Sit back and relax. Our Sales Consultant will guide you through the Zero Deposit process.

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Note #1:

Zero Deposit is only applicable to house/property with rental ranging from RM800 to RM5000.

Note #2:

Zero Deposit is only applicable to rooms with rental ranging from RM300 - RM1500.


Before moving in, this is what you have to pay:

1st month’s rent + (RM399 tenancy agreement + 6% SST tenancy agreement fee)

Apartment B has a rent of RM900.
SST of tenancy agreement: 6% x RM399 = RM23.94

Total cost: RM900 + (RM399 + RM23.94) = RM1322.94


Title Type

Number of rooms

Room Type

Number of bathrooms

Bathroom Type

Number of car parks