No Deposit

Sit back and relax. Our Sales Consultant will guide you through the No Deposit process.

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Note #1:

No Deposit is only applicable to house/property with rental ranging from RM800 to RM5000.

Note #2:

No Deposit is only applicable to rooms with rental ranging from RM300 - RM1500.


Before moving in, this is what you have to pay:

1st month’s rental + Last month’s rental + (RM399 + 6% SST) tenancy agreement fee

Apartment B has a rent of RM900.
SST of tenancy agreement: 6% x RM399 = RM23.94

Total cost: RM900 + RM900 + (RM399 + RM23.94) = RM2222.94


After you pay the last month’s rental in advance, you do not have to pay for the last month. This payment is to ensure that you are serious about the place.


Price (RM)

Housing Type

Number of rooms

Room Type

Number of bathrooms

Bathroom Type

Number of car parks