6 Things Tenants And Landlords Need To Do At The End

It is the end of the rental duration and both parties have to get together to make sure it is a smooth farewell. As much as most people think that it is just as simple as passing the keys, it is more than that. 

To make sure everyone ends on a good note, make sure to do the checklist below! 

The tenant needs to pay all the unpaid bills

This is a must for any tenant. Leaving a property with unpaid bills is one of the most irresponsible ways to leave. As much as the next month will not affect you, it is still your responsibility to leave it with a clean utility bill record at all cost.

Clean out the property

Tenants need to make sure to leave the property as it was when they first moved in. Leaving the house in a mess will get you a bad record with future landlords.

It doesn’t mean you have to repaint the whole place back, just clean enough for the landlord to show future tenants the property.

Landlords are advised to visit the property at least 7 days in advance to do an inspection

Landlords should check up 7 days before the tenant moves out. This is so they have ample time to fix or clear up anything that wasn’t there.

Always be a fair landlord. Give and take minor damages that won’t cost you any money to fix. Small wear and tear over time is a normal occurrence, as long as the tenant kept the place tip-top and livable, it is all good.

If anything found missing or broken, the tenant needs to pay or else SPEEDHOME will be forced to blacklist them which will affect their credit score

What if the landlord does find things missing or broken? Do ask the tenant if  they noticed the damages or if they know where the missing items are. If they can’t explain the issue as to why the items are missing or broken, landlords have the right to let SPEEDHOME know.

SPEEDHOME will then investigate the issue and if the tenant did indeed do the damages or took items from the home, the tenant will be blacklisted which will also affect their future credit score.

Hand over all the keys on the last day of the agreement

After the house has been cleaned, all items accounted for, the keys need to be passed back to the landlord. You can do this on the last day of the agreement.

If you need to pass the keys earlier or before the date of the agreement, just let your landlord know of your situation.

Landlord – double check the property

Landlords will need to check on the property again to make sure there are no hidden damages or missing items. This is crucial to be done during the first week after the tenant has left.

The reason why is because the landlord has only 2 weeks more after the tenancy agreement to submit all the claims. It will take awhile but is a must do if you want to make a claim for any damages or missing items. Any claims submitted after the two weeks will not be entertained.

That’s it. We hope you had a great time as a landlord on SPEEDHOME. Thank you for staying on the journey till the end.

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