Secure Your Home 20X Better Than Deposit!

How SPEEDHOME provides landlords 20x better protection

On-Time Rental

Regardless of whether your tenant pays you on the due date, you’ll receive the money on-time, every time from us.

Overstay Cash Defender

We ensure you still receive your monthly rental even if the tenant stops paying the rent while still occupying the house.

Terms and conditions apply.

A better way than deposits

We understand the pain and loss caused by a tenant bad tenants. So with our Allianz Insurance partnership, your property is protected up to RM42,000. covering damages, theft, unpaid utilities, unpaid rental, and more!
Note: Insurance is only available for those who successfully transact through SPEEDHOME with rental ranging from RM500 to RM5000.

SPEEDY Claiming Process

Our landlord claims have been 100% approved by Allianz General Insurance, providing landlords peace of mind. The time taken for you to get your claim amount is as follows:

Landlords' Experience

"In fact, my last tenant vandalized my property and ranaway. So the only thing I am holding from the tenant is just the deposit, lo and behold, the repair cost more than the deposit cash I have, that’s why I subscribed to extended +, on top of the bad experience I had, I do not want to encounter any issues with my rental down the road, so I think with the On-Time Rental guarantee, it certainly gave me a peace of mind."
- Hariharan -
Extended+ Insurance Package Subscriber
"Before SPEEDHOME, it was not smooth going at all, with cases like runaway, outstanding utility bills, damaged furniture from previous tenants. The cost to repair all these weighs more than the 2+1 deposit I got. It was expensive for me to bear. What SH offers in the insurance coverage is incredibly attractive compared to deposit. The only fear I had was that it was too good to be true, but so far it has lived up to it."
- Lau -
Extended+ Insurance Package Subscriber

How much does it cost?

Calculate how much you need to pay for insurance based on the package subscribed, and the amount of rental you will receive for the first and second month.

Insurance Plans

We’re as strict as a bank when it comes to running zero deposit eligibility checks on tenants. We undertake EXPERIAN credit checks to ensure that you get a good paymaster every-time.
Short Term Rental
If the tenant is renting shorter than 12 months, the tenant will pay a surcharge to compensate for the landlord's subscription. The amount of surcharge varies depending on the length of the tenancy period. Please refer to the table.

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