Rent your home FAST and avoid the risk of COVID-19 with our

Virtual Viewing


To prevent any unnecessary risk of COVID-19 we have put a system in place to make renting your home fast, safely and securely.

Don’t miss out on rental income, find a quality tenant fast.

Just follow these steps


Take video of your property


Send Video to [email protected]


Rent out your property ASAP

Just follow these steps

  1. Landlords should only provide exact unit video and shots for the virtual viewing. There should not be any discrepancies between how the unit looks like actuality and the Virtual Viewing video.
  2. A full refund is strictly exercisable only if the tenant reported to SPEEDHOME within 3 days from the move-in date or the next physical viewing date. 
  3. Landlords are fully responsible for any utility charges incurred during the 3 days stay period that the tenant stayed in the property. 
  4. The Booking Fee or any payment made by the tenant via Virtual Viewing will only be fully refunded if there is a discrepancy between the pictures/video being sent and the actual unit. 
  5. The tenant is required to immediately return the keys and vacate the unit before a full refund can be exercised.
  6. Immediate inspection will be carried out to ensure that no damage is done to the property.
  7. Should there be any damages reported upon inspection, SPEEDHOME shall fully mediate the damages and hold refunds for reconciliation purposes.
  8. Refunds are processed typically within 1-3 working days once all steps are confirmed and carried out.
  9. SPEEDHOME shall not be held liable if it is not reported to us within 3 days as mentioned.

How to make a good video that will attract tenants and rent out your property FAST?

It is time to unleash your inner Vlogger self!

Film for 2-3 mins show all parts of your property that a tenant may be interested in seeing. If you have an amazing kitchen cabinet or beautiful view of the city, show it off!

The best practice is to do it during the day time. Draw the curtains back and let as much light. It will definitely catch the eyes of tenants immediately.

Don’t let the camera shake, hold steadily and film carefully this will also make it easier for the user.

Introduce our home and talk to the viewers about what’s good about your property.

Large balcony? 3 Parking space? Tell them all.

Here are some good examples for you


All you have to do is take a video of your rental property, email it to us [email protected], we will make it available for thousands of tenants to view it digitally!

Don't let your tenant wait

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