Our People

Our team of mind blown talents are powered by passion and dedication making them experts in leading just about any team!

Wong Whei Meng

Melanie Ong
Head of Product Development

Steason TeeĀ 
Head of Finance & Business IntelligenceĀ 

Donna ChongĀ 
Head of Marketing

Tania Basu
Head of Operations, Partnerships, & Incubation

Shoo Kyuk Wei
Head of IT & Development




Life at SPEEDHOME is built around the idea that technology and real estate really does go hand in hand. We at SPEEDHOME empower brilliant minds to use their skills as well as learn the ins and outs of Malaysia's leading IT startup! By working at SPEEDHOME, you'll enjoy the perks of a SPEEDHOMIE, to get started we've listed down just a few for you:

Our Careers

We understand the importance of work-life balance, and our flexibility makes it possible to have the best of both worlds!

JobStreet rating
Glassdoor rating


Unlimited coffee & Fitness Allowance

Part time work

Chill Space

Unlimited Leave

Exclusive Party Invites

Student Careers

Our Student Programs are crafted to meet any and every student's needs! Who better mixes work and fun if it's not you!

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program caters to fresh graduates looking to start their career at a mind blown organization!

Internship Program

Our Internship Program careers to both local and international undergraduates!

Our Values


We know how to mix work and fun better than anyone else!


We strongly believe in equality! We accept anyone and absolutely everyone!


We are a mind blown company, therefore we want mind blown talents and ideas!

#Do the Right Thing

Doing the right this vital, do it even when no one is watching.

What SPEEDHOMIES had to say

As one of the top rated employers in Malaysia, our SPEEDHOMIE's do love the atmosphere, the work culture and our values we stand for. But why take it from us..Hear it from the brains themselves!