Rent Fast with Zero Loss and Hassle Free

Malaysia’s first property platform that provides landlords with 20x better protection than deposits to enable them to rent their unit fast with no price war while helping tenants to move in fast with no deposits.

How SPEEDHOME Helps Tenants and Landlords

Zero Deposit

Options to rent with Zero Deposit scheme.

Landlord End-to-end Protection

We provide free background check, unbiased digital tenancy agreement and landlord protection powered by Allianz.

How Replacing Deposits Ensures Zero Loss for landlords?

Landlords get to choose their preferred protection plan which are designed specifically for rental home and get up a comprehensive  protection that covers theft, damages, loss of rental and many moreThey only pay the chosen plan upon successfully renting out their property with SPEEDHOME.  



Post your Property

List your property and attract hundreds of prospective tenants on SPEEDHOME.



Pass your key to Homerunners

Unlimited viewings to all prospects done by our in-house Homerunners!



Search among Pools of Tenants

Find the right one among 50k of active tenants searching on SPEEHOME!




Once the tenant confirms they want to proceed we will require an application fee and run our Zero Deposit eligibility check on the tenant.  



Set Viewing Appointment

Show your house to potential tenants based an the agreed viewing date and time OR let our Homerunners deal with it.



Chat with Tenant Diretly

Discuss and negotiate with tenant directly in the chat with live assistance by SPEEDHOME!


Pay Here

Choose Your Landlord Rental Protection Plan

Choose your desired rental protection package and sign the tenancy agreement. different packages offers different benefits. 



Handover key to Tenant

Once the remaining balance is paid by the tenant, you may hand over your key to tenant by informing us OR let our Homerunners do it for you!


Pay Here

We collect the rental for YOU

You will receive your rental from 2nd month onwards and we will help you to collect the rental and transfer to you within 3 working days. A 1.88% Processing Fee will be automatically deducted from the collected rental monthly.

How much will it cost when you rent with SPEEDHOME?

You can list your property on SPEEDHOME for free. Our Homerunners will also provide free property viewing to tenants. You only have to purchase our Landlord Rental Protection Plan after proceeding to rent out your property with SPEEDHOME.

Check the pricing for your rental home protection plan


  1. Landlord Rental Protection Plan is applicable for any unit rental from RM500 to RM5,000 only.

  2. On-Time Rental (OTR) is a feature that allows you to get your rental income on time even when your tenant pays late or stops paying. OTR payment can be activated up to 2 times continuously and will only be reset once a tenant pays their rent.

  3.  A 1.88% Processing Fee will be applied to Monthly Rental Collection.


  4. Overstay Cash Defender is a feature that ensures you to still receive your monthly rental even if the tenant stops paying the rent while still occupying the house.

  5. Inconvenience benefit coverage is upgradeable upon request.

  6. Click here for the SPEEDHOME Product Disclosure Sheet.



Chat with Tenant Diretly

Discuss and negotiate with tenant directly in the chat with live assistance by SPEEDHOME!



Set Viewing Appointment

Bring your potential tenant to the place upon an agreed viewing date and time OR let our homerunners deal with it.



Interested? Inform us to Proceed!

We will proceed to booking payment by Tenant and running  Zero Deposit eligibility check on Tenant.  

Who is Eligible for Zero Deposit?

Both Malaysians and foreigners are welcomed. We don’t discriminate!

We'll run a simple, fast Zero Deposit Eligibility check with our partner Experian. Upon successfully completing the check, you'll be able to rent your dream home with Zero Deposit... Easy as 1,2,3!

What documents should I provide for Zero Deposit Eligibility Check?​

Documents from foreign students and all business owners are required to be provided before viewing to allow some time for processing.



Please refer to Zero Deposit Eligibility Check Documents to further see what documents you need to submit. 

What landlords say about SPEEDHOME

-Jehan Miskin-


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent out my place short-term/ Can a tenant rent short-term?

Yes, you can. SPEEDHOME’s tenancy period starts at a minimum of 3 months and can be extended to a maximum of 12 months with the option to renew every year.

Who pays for the Speedsign fee?

Tenant will pay for the Speedsign fee at RM399 + 6% SST.

Can I use the Landlord Rental Protection Plan for room rental too?

Yes, you can. Our Landlord Rental Protection Plan is applicable for room rental above RM500.

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