Overstay Cash Defender(OCD)

Introducing our new Overstay Cash Defender (OCD), securing your rental income for up to 12 months, even if your tenant overstays and doesn’t pay their rent!

Wash away your rental income worries with OCD

SPEEDHOME Overstay Cash Defender(OCD) included 3 main features:

SPEEDHOME will pay the rent

SPEEDHOME will pay for the overdue rent even if the tenant does not pay and still occupy the unit.

SPEEDHOME will borne the legal cost

All the legal cost for the court order to evict the tenant will be borne by SPEEDHOME.

Allianz will cover for your lost

Any damages or stolen items done by the tenant will be reimbursed by the insurance protection to the landlord.

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What OCD means for landlords!?

Biggest nightmare as a landlord? Getting tenant from hell.

Not only those who did damages to your property, but the ones occupy without paying the rent as well.


Right now, SPEEDHOME decided to share the risk with you.

On top of RM42,000 coverage from Allianz Insurance, now every landlord who purchases our Extended+ Insurance Premium is entitled to our Overstay Cash Defender (OCD) protection until the tenure ends!

Which Insurance Package Covers OCD?

Only Extended+ Insurance Premium does cover the Overstay Cash Defender (OCD) protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, OCD coverage is only for the tenant who overstayed and occupied the house. If the tenant chooses to move out or early terminates the agreement, SPEEDHOME will not pay for the rent of the tenant for the remaining months.

No. SPEEDHOME will pay the rent to the landlord and the landlord does not need to submit anything to SPEEDHOME. However, the landlord must allow SPEEDHOME to collect the rent on behalf of them.

The maximum overstay duration covered is based on the tenure. 

Example: For a one-year contract, if the tenant does not pay the rent on the third month after he moves in, SPEEDHOME will pay the rent starting from that month until the tenure ends.

No. Only the landlord who purchases the Allianz Extended+ insurance package will be under the 12 months overstay protection.

Yes. You need to follow the instructions provided by SPEEDHOME and  fully comply with the vacant possession clause with SPEEDHOME.