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7 Steps to Setting the Right Rent Price for Your Property

When it comes to setting the right rent price for your property, it could often feel like a balancing act that you as a landlord – like every other landlord – ought to navigate with precision. More than covering costs or maximising your rental income, it’s also about attracting the right tenants in a market that’s competitive. The real challenge is in setting a monthly rent price that truly reflects your property’s value while staying attractive to potential tenants. 

Understanding the Market

The first step to setting the right rent price for your property is understanding the market. It is crucial to gain a thorough understanding of current rental trends in the market. Conducting research via online platforms, looking at listings online as well as on SPEEDHOME helps you gain an accurate gauge of the average rent prices for properties similar to yours. Conducting thorough market research will provide you a solid foundation for your pricing strategy. 

Comparing Similar Properties & Utilising Technology

The second step to setting the right rent price for your property is to compare properties and utilise technology. Looking at similar properties in your neighbourhood helps you ensure your rent price is competitive. How does your rental property compare in terms of features, size, and location? Try to strike a balance; it shouldn’t be the cheapest, but it shouldn’t scare potential tenants away too. You should also check the prices of properties online and those listed on rental smartphone applications like SPEEDHOME. The SPEEDHOME app is a great way of gauging rent prices that sit well with the rental market, by using the tools and algorithms to filter your property for factors that give your rental value. 

Evaluating Your Property

The third step to setting the right rent price for your property is to evaluate your property. Your property’s unique features, location, size, and condition play a significant role in determining its rent price. It’s important for you to assess these aspects critically. If your property is equipped with modern amenities, parking facilities, or is close to public transport and local attractions, these can command higher rent. It’s about understanding what your property offers and how it stands out in the market.

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Considering Costs

The fourth step to setting the right rent price for your property is to consider the costs that you need to cover. The rent price that you set for your property should cover the mortgage, maintenance, property taxes, and any other running costs. You should also factor in future renovations or upgrades you’re planning. Factoring in costs into your rental price ensures your rental business remains profitable in the long term. Transparently calculating these costs will help you justify your rent price to your potential tenants.

Adjusting for Demand

The fifth step to setting the right rent price for your property is to adjust for demand. The rental market is dynamic, with demand often fluctuating due to various factors, including seasonality. You ought to be prepared to adjust your rent price in response to these market changes. A flexible approach can help you maintain occupancy rates and revenue, even in a fluctuating market.

The sixth step to setting the right rent price for your property is to factor in legal and tax considerations. Understanding the legal landscape and tax implications in your area is crucial. These factors can significantly affect your rental pricing strategy. Consulting with a property expert or legal advisor ensures you remain compliant with local regulations and optimise your tax strategy effectively.

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Continuous Evaluation

Last but not least, the seventh and final step to setting the right rent price for your property is to put your property under continuous evaluation. As the rental market is ever-evolving, so should your rent pricing strategy. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your rent based on market trends, property upgrades, or feedback from tenants can help you stay ahead of the market and make the most of your income. This proactive approach also ensures your property remains competitive, attractive to potential renters, and also profitable for you.


When it comes down to setting the right rent price, it is a multifaceted process that requires market insight, a clear understanding of your property’s value, and a willingness to adapt to market dynamics. By following these guidelines, you can strike the perfect balance between attracting tenants and maximising your rental income.

SPEEDHOME is here to assist you every step of the way, from market research to pricing tools, ensuring you make informed decisions for your rental property. Embrace a strategic approach to pricing, and watch as your rental business flourishes.

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