Best Ways to Find Tenants

I think it’s safe to say that everybody knows that landlords need tenants to survive and thrive while tenants need landlords to make sure that they have a roof above their heads. The problem, most of the time it seems, is that they have a hard time finding each other, or the perfect ones that fulfill their criterion.

Well, good news, folks! With the new age of technology and with what the  Internet has to offer, landlords have many good options and opportunities to fill their properties with prospective tenants. But, let’s say you are out of options and don’t know how else to find tenants, so below are some of the best ways landlords can get tenants:

Social Media

Social media has been a great platform for businesses to advertise their companies and product. If you are a landlord who has not been using social media to get tenants, you are missing out on a lot.

Social media usage has been a daily routine for millions of people around the world. Facebook alone has 2.45 billion monthly active users as of 2019.

To list your property, you just need to create an Instagram account, Facebook page or a Twitter account to attract tenants to your property. After that, you can start posting photos on Instagram of your properties, list them on Facebook marketplace or just tweeting the pictures and details of your properties on twitter.

Property Websites

Another good way to attract tenants for your property is to advertise your property on rental websites. There are numerous websites that are free to use such as SPEEDHOME where it allows tenants like yourself to post your property listing. But with SPEEDHOME, you get the joy of communicating with your potential tenants yourself so you can filter out tenants according to your criteria.

Local Bulletin Boards

If you have been to a grocery store, community centers or visited universities and colleges, there is a high chance that you have spotted a bulletin board in these areas.

Bulletin boards are a good way to attract tenants to your properties as you can put up flyers for your rental on these boards.

Tips-4-Success #1: Use bold and large fonts with attractive colors and picture on your flyers to catch peoples attention who are passing by quickly. Also include tear-offs that has details of the property address, contact number, and some other necessary information so your potential tenants are not forgotten about your property as soon as they walk past your bulletin board.

Put up a “For Rent/Let” sign at your rental property.

Most tenants find it easier to move into a new property within the current area that they are staying at. Putting up a sign that says “For Rent/Let” will make sure to catch the eyes of these prospective renters.

Tips-4-Success #2: Make sure the font size of your contact number is large enough to be seen from the street.

Ads on Newspaper

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, the popularity of newspapers has declined in this modern era. But, there are still a significant number of people who read the newspaper (mostly older generations). And with the internet around, you can also advertise on the online newspaper platform.

But beware, rental ads on newspapers only take a few lines as they are tiny, thus you have to make sure your property stands out more than the rest.

Tips-4-Success #3: It’s best to advertise on weekends and use abbreviations to save space on your ad. Iykyk, ykwim?

Power of the spoken word

As the famous dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express goes, “Do not underestimate the power of a common man.” Let me tell you that you should not underestimate the power of word of mouth.

Always use the power of the spoken word to let your potential tenants know that you have a property to let. You can let everyone in your phone contacts know that you have a spare unit. Who knows whether they have friends or family members who are looking for the exact unit. You can’t possibly sell something if you don’t verbally advertise it, right?

Tips-4-Success #4: Always have your flyer ad or name card to hand out to anyone who seems interested.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

This may be your very last option as a property investor. Real estate agents usually charge a certain fee for their services and they aren’t always truthful though. But, having them do your job does lift the burden of your shoulders.

Tips-4-Success #5: Make sure that the real estate agent that you’re going to has the proper identification tag. This is to prevent you from avoid dealing with shark agents.

There you have it, guys, those are the best and fastest ways to find tenants. Hopefully, you have a couple of ideas on how to attract potential tenants. Once you’ve found your tenants, be sure to retain them too!

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