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How To Schedule A Viewing on SPEEDHOME

The first step in locking in a deal is to make a viewing appointment. This notifies the landlord that you are serious. Our customer satisfaction team will help set up viewing appointments for you.

1.Make an appointment with the SPEEDHOME app

This is one of the fastest ways to connect with the landlord. You don’t have to go finding a way to contact them via other platforms. With SPEEDHOME, just let them know you are interested and when you can do the viewing.


2. Rescheduling a viewing

If you can’t make it due to an emergency, just let the landlord know on the change of timing. It’s really simple, just drop them a chat message via the app and they would be able to let you know the next best timing.


3. You & landlord will meet at the listed home address

Always meet up at the home address so you can get a better picture of the home. The landlord will also have time to get to know you better and run through any rules they may have.

4. You will be shown the amenities & appliances provided during your rental period

This is important for you to take note on all the items they mention. This is so in future you know what was there with the home. If you do take the home, be sure to take photos of those areas as proof when you move out they were like that when you moved in.

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5. A rental deal when both parties agree to the terms set

This is the best part about SPEEDHOME, it allows both parties to fill in a virtual agreement that is fast, seamless and easy to use. Make sure to read through the whole agreement and understand all the terms. If there are terms you do not understand, just ask your landlord or SPEEDHOME for clarification. This is to avoid any confusion in future.


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6. Moving in!

With those super easy, 0 deposit steps. You are now ready to move in. You can even checkout SPEEDHOME’s partners to help you move in and warm up to your new home!

Wondering how to make a deal & sign agreement quickly? SPEEDHOME provides an online rental agreement service. Find out more in our next article, “I Have Found My Dream Home! What’s Next?

Not sure how it works? Give us a call at 0187777650. You can also email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you about how we can arrange the best rental experience right here at SPEEDHOME.

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