Find Your Next Tenant Within 24 Hours with Homerunners Service!

You’re a DIY landlord who’s been around quite awhile and are sick of handling viewings. Many, many viewings in fact. So much to do, so much questions to ask, so much – well, you know. But what if…there was a viewing management service? For FREE? Good news for all landlords. homerunners service is exactly what […]

SPEEDHOME has paid out 800K to our landlords!

Say goodbye to rental deposits; and hello to unparalleled landlord protection  SPEEDHOME 100% of landlords that claimed insurance successfully received payment  Majority of claims approved within 5 working days More than 3000 landlords have been protected through SPEEDHOME and Allianz insurance Life is full of risk, even by walking down the street, there’s always a […]

How To Rent Out Apartments As An Investment

Apartments today are one of the best selling properties on the market, mainly because many investors buy and rent out apartments for second income. This can be a good option so long as the apartment has a nice location, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths as these are what most renters prefer. In order to make […]

Three Reasons to Buy More than One House

Say, you’ve been working or doing business for a while, saved up some money with your cashflow managed well. Then you realized you could buy more assets to make the best out of your money. You then went into some reading, discovered property investing and even found some interesting properties in town that you feel […]

5 Things to Know When Buying Properties in Malaysia

Is this your first time going into real estate in Malaysia? Agreeably, buying a property in Malaysia could be uneasy the first time around, regardless if you’re just a buyer looking for a house to stay or investor looking to make an asset off a property. However, rest assured that those efforts are worthy. Do […]

How Can The Rental Value Of A Property Be Maximised

One of the most important ways to maximize rental is to make sure your property is in excellent condition. Not only does this mean that you make more money, but the long term costs of fixing up a poorly maintained property is higher compared to one that has been well maintained. So what can you […]

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