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SPEEDHOME is made up of a diverse bunch, all with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. One commonality between us, that runs through the backbone of the business, is our four core values. These values are perpetuated throughout our every action and decision. In doing so this fundamentally helps us in achieving our mission of making home rental as great as renting and living in a 6-star hotel.

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Prejudices, stereotyping and discrimination have no place at SPEEDHOME. In fact, something that we all hold close to our hearts, is that the judgement of a person must only be based on their actions and intentions alone.

It does not matter what a person’s race, gender or beliefs are, our team will treat them fairly and equally with the utmost respect. This goes far beyond the 9-5 too, we very much carry these beliefs outside the office.

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Mediocre is not a word that would associated with the efforts, passion or productivity exhibited by the SPEEDHOME family. We believe that the amalgamation of a positive mindset, environment and working culture generates exceptional results, as do we.

We strive to produce nothing short of mind blowing. From our initial conceptualised brainstorming ideas, to our techie innovations and the services that we provide to our partners. If you engage with SPEEDHOME in any shape or form, expect to be Mindblown!

equality (2)Fun with serious intent!

You know, everything can be colourful when you take pride in doing your work by having some fun! With such a large proportion of our time being spent at work, why not enjoy it right? Well, that’s what we do anyway!

We not only relish our set tasks but we also take them very seriously, ensuring objectives are met, work performance is high and all stakeholders are happy. We enjoy a culture of growth, cooperation and positivity and to put it simply we work hard and we play hard!

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Do the right thing

Even if it’s not the easiest action to take, we truly believe that one must do the right thing in every situation. If something’s unjust or wrong, you can rely on us to raise our concerns and our decisions will not be based on negative emotions such as vengeance or resentment. We instead base our judgments on insight and understanding

If doing the right thing is more time consuming or more strenuous than an alternative, the benefit of doing it will always outweigh the time and effort taken to do it in the long run.

Aaaaaand now, over to you!

We’d love to hear about your thoughts on our values? If you have any insights, suggestions or queries that you’d like to share, just drop us  a comment below and one of our SPEEDHOMIES will get back to ya!

Besides feedback, if our core values seem to resonate with you…. we are always on the look out for new like-minded talent that would be interested in joining a dynamic, forward thinking start-up!

If this is you, hit us up and email: [email protected] and hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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