Tenancy Claims Submission: SPEEDHOME Guide for Landlords

SPEEDHOME Claims Track Record

  • Allianz General Insurance Malaysia had paid out more than RM800,000 to SPEEDHOME’s landlords to-date since the inception of the partnership in 2017.
  • More than 300 landlords had successfully received claim disbursements.
  • 60% of the claims are approved by Allianz within 6 business days from the moment that landlords submitted all required documents to SPEEDHOME.
  • Overall claim take up rate for SPEEDHOME landlord is 100%.

How To Do The Claim Submission

1) Visit your unit to check for outstanding bills and damages.

2) Take unit photos of the unit and damaged items.

3) Lodge a police report for insurance claims purposes.

4) Submit documents as mentioned below for each claim.

Supporting documents

  1. Police report: Kindly refer HERE for police report sample.
  2. Copy of outstanding bills
  3. Quotation or receipt for each repair
  4. Photos of each damaged item
  5. Photos of the unit after the tenant left
  6. For new item replacement: Snapshot of the current price at a retail shop or online marketplace or equivalent documents to indicate the price of the damaged
  7. For new item replacement: Historical purchase receipt (If unable to provide, please let us have the year of purchase)
  8. Faulty electrical appliances: Technical report or written statement by a handyman

To understand more, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]

Claim Process 

Upon default case occurring, here are the steps you will need to take to file for claims:

  1. Notify SPEEDHOME once the tenant has moved out and visit the unit to list outstanding bills, stolen and damaged items 
  2. Draft a police report and send it to SPEEDHOME [email protected] or 60166248225 for review
  3. SPEEDHOME approves the police report 
  4. Lodge a police report to the nearest police station
  5. Prepare supporting documents such as receipts and invoices  for claims
  6. Arrange contractor visit to get quotation and repair cost
  7. Submit the claim below
  8. SPEEDHOME receives the document and submits it to Allianz
  9. Allianz approves the claim and SPEEDHOME notifies the landlord
  10. Receive claim payment from Allianz

Want to know more about the documents you need to submit? Read more information on SPEEDHOME claim process here.

Ready to submit claims? Click the following button to proceed to the claim process.


1) Tenant has a financial issue for this month and is unable to make any payment. Can the landlord proceed to make a claim?

In this situation, the landlord cannot file a claim for insurance. The landlord can only file a claim if the tenant runs away or abandons the tenancy. To solve the issue with the problematic tenant, SPEEDHOME will try to find a new tenant to replace the current tenant. If the tenant is still unable to settle the payment within the time given, the tenant will be considered breaching the contract. Once the tenant moves out from the unit, the landlord may submit claims to us with necessary supporting documents.

2) The TNB bills overdue are too high. Can the landlord ask the tenant to move out and claim from insurance?

This situation is considered a breach of the contract by the tenant. As a solution, SPEEDHOME will continue to keep chasing the tenant for payments. If this issue leads to the tenant moving out of the premise, the landlord may claim insurance for the outstanding bills.

3) When should the landlord submit the required documents for the claims?

Any documents required for claims should be emailed to SPEEDHOME within 2 weeks after the tenant moves out from the premise.

4) Can the landlord file a claim if the damages incurred are not caused by the tenant’s malicious act?

No. Only damages that are caused by the tenant’s malicious act are claimable under the policy.

5) Can I file a claim if the tenant painted the house and did not repaint the original colour before moving out?

No. It is not claimable under the policy. However, if the landlord repaints the house because it is necessary due to the wall’s damages, eg. soot fire/nailing/stickers cause the original paint peeled off, etc.), the policy will cover the cost of repair/touch-up & paintings of the damaged walls.

6) If the landlord wishes to give the tenant time to settle the payment at the end of the tenancy, how much time does the landlord has to submit the claim?

The landlord needs to submit a claim within one month after the expiry date of the tenancy or insurance policy. 

7) If there is any item or damages the landlord would like to claim, but it is not stated in the police report, can the landlord still claim for it?

No.  The landlord will need to revise the police report and include the additional item/damages.

8) What happens if the landlord is unable to lodge a police report within 3 days after the tenant moves out?

The landlord will need to inform us so that we can arrange with Allianz. This is only acceptable if there is a valid reason for the delay. 

9) Are the below scenarios claimable under the policy?
  • Content stolen OR stolen theft by non-tenant (Household Content Section)

Yes, it is claimable under the policy. The coverage for Household Contents is under All Risks coverage, which covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause, other than those expressly excluded. The claim will be payable if none of the policy exclusion is triggered.

  • Structure damage due to theft by non-tenant (Inconvenience Benefit Section)

No, it is not claimable under the policy. The inconvenience benefit section of the policy covers (a) minor repair works; therefore, the Tenant runs away / abandons the tenancy, and the tenancy agreement is terminated during the period of insurance. Thus, structure damage due to theft by non-tenants does not fall within the policy coverage.

10) In the event of the tenant moving out due to loss of income can the landlord file a claim for loss of rental without a police report?

The loss of rental will respond if the tenant is “unemployed”. By looking at the circumstances provided, the claim is not payable. For unemployment, we suggested providing a letter by the employer to confirm the validity of the loss of income.

11) If the landlord can prove the ownership with the inventory list in the tenancy agreement, can this avoid the uncertainty to be applied for the case?

We have no doubt on the ownership of these items, but the landlord is required to provide the historical purchase invoice to confirm the spec & costing of the damaged items. Hence, if the landlord is unable to provide a historical receipt but lists the items in the inventory list, the uncertainty will still be applied.

12) Depreciation applies if the landlord wishes to replace the items. Does Allianz apply depreciation for repair items as well?

Depreciation would still apply if the repair would extend the life span of the subject matter. The percentage varies depending on the items.

13) Loss of Rental – If the tenant moves out from the unit and is unable to pay for rent due to mental health disorder, is this claimable under the policy?

Yes, it is claimable under the policy, as long as the tenant is able to furnish detailed medical reports from a licensed Medical Practitioner in order to verify whether she/he is permanently disabled. You may also find the definition of Total Permanent Disability under the policy shall mean,

14) What happens if my tenant burns down the house? Is it claimable under the policy?

Yes. It should be claimable under the policy if you can provide all the supporting documents requested. In addition, any damages caused by the tenant’s malicious act should be claimable under the policy, but it will be capped at the maximum limit of the insurance package coverage you have purchased.

15) Can I file claims if the tenant damaged all the kitchen cabinet, sink, entire toilet and flooring?

Yes. It is claimable under the policy if you can provide all the supporting documents requested. Any damages caused by the tenant’s malicious act should be claimable under the policy, but it will also limit up to the max amount on the insurance coverage. 

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      Hi there, for sure you can reach out to us anytime at [email protected] or 018-7777650 if you have any queries regarding the claiming issue ya

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    Please take note that I have active insurance cover for this unit with my previous tenant and I do not need to purchase anymore insurance for now

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      If you have any queries do contact our customer service 🙂

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    I have submitted the claims necessary documents for my insurance claim. Please send me update if there’s any missing documents. and progress. TQ

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      Thank you for submitting your documents! You should be notified by our team should there be any missing documents

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    It would be great to have 2 things. First, a similar insurance for damage caused by the landlord eg. failing to repair air conditioning for 2 months, or a bedroom ceiling that collapsed onto the bed on 1 May 2021 (5 months ago). Second – I support the suggestion of having a process for getting repairs done for either tenants or landlords that would be a ‘value add’ service that would help both parties.

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      Thank you for the suggestion and we’re excited to tell you that we have more amazing features that would benefit both landlord and tenants coming to you soon!

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      That’s totally fine too, our insurance is optional protection to help you protect your property

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    Allianz should provide a copy of the insurance certificate to the landlord stating the coverage and details.

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      Hi Badrul, we believe you should receive a copy of the coverage plan once you choose your plan. Let us know if you have never received yours

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    ok, better if speeedhome do the inspection together and hold the landlord’s hand

    • August 23, 2022 at 12:07 pm

      SPEEDHOME can also conduct the house inspection on behalf of landlords upon request; from inspection to claims process, our team can assist with a step-by-step guide. Do reach out to the SPEEDHOME operation team through the After-sales chat group


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