Are You Using Protection?

Are you using protection? more accurately, what are you using to protect your rental property? If you’re a first-time landlord, you may find yourself confused over what you should do to ensure safety. Everyone will say ‘deposit’. The usual 2 months’ rental + 1 month rental.

But are deposits really a fail-proof way to protect your property from damages from the tenants? We all know the cost of renovation isn’t cheap, and chances are the prices goes up overtime. What if your tenant has been staying awhile but the deposit coverage is only 3 months’ worth of rent a year back?

Doesn’t seem like such an accurate way to calculate the cost of doing up the property is left damaged. What is SPEEDHOME, has a better solution for you. No need to collect any deposits which makes it all the more easier to find a tenant. Plus, it covers not only any damages on the property but utilities too!

Deposits are an old school thing of the past, read on for the juicy details!

What SPEEDHOME does…

  1. Lets you post up your property for FREE for the world to see! Yup, it’s like having an agent without having to pay any premium or hidden cost.
  2. Tenant background checks! The hassle of finding out more about your tenant is handled by SPEEDHOME. So you won’t have to be an FBI agent and check if they are legit. SPEEDHOME makes sure all tenants are awesome!
  3. SPEEDHOME app lets you connect with any prospective tenants to be! You no longer will be bugged by random numbers asking about your house. With the app, you get to see all the details you need!

What do Allianz and SPEEDHOME do together?

SPEEDHOME and Allianz teamed up to make landlords safe from any risk of damages as well as make tenants happy cause there isn’t any deposit needed. It’s so amazing you’ll wonder why no one had thought about it sooner.

Landlords have been gauging deposits based on the total rent multiplied by a few months. In cases the tenant destroys the property, the landlord will take the deposit.

This has been proven time and again that deposits sometimes will never cover the full renovation costs. For example, if the rent is only RM1500 and the deposit is 3 months’ worth, it would be RM4500. With a mere RM4500, it won’t even cover getting 2 aircond units, let alone a good paint job for the property.

So how does SPEEDHOME change that? With their partnership with Allianz, landlords are covered up to RM72,000! If there are any pending utility payments like internet bills, landlords are covered up to RM2000!

So what are you waiting for? Give SPEEDHOME a try! You will never have to calculate the amount of deposit you need to cover your property cause SPEEDHOME handles it for you!

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