How SPEEDHOME Claim Process Works

SPEEDHOME claim process

Claim Process 

Upon default case occurred, here are the soft copy documents that you should submit (No physical documents required):

  1. Police Report: You, as the landlord, must lodge the police report at any police station within 3 days upon tenant moved out of the house. You have to lodge in one single police report for any item that you wish to claim such as unpaid utility, damages or rent. List out the description of the damages and unpaid utility amount to SPEEDHOME and we will advise on the content of the police report. Kindly refer HEREfor police report sample.
  2. Photos: You should visit the premise to confirm that the tenant had left the property. Submit at least 3 High Definition (HD) multi-angle photos on every single item content that you wish to make a claim to show damaged part or affected area and photos of a general view of the item. We encourage landlords to submit photos in JPG, PNG format of damages. Photos are compulsory for claiming damages, malfunction and cleanliness condition. If you only managed to submit one photo per damaged item and the photo itself is not conclusive to match the description of the damage, then there would be multiple back-and-forth photo taking required to clarify.
  3. Letterhead of Bank Statement: This is required for Allianz to confirm the claims recipient’s bank account details so that claims disbursement will transfer to the right recipients. Example of such snapshot as below:
Example of letter head of bank statement
  1. e-Payment Form: Fill in your particulars, so that Allianz able to initiate payment advice to you. You may download the form here.
  2. Pricing Documents: You should be preparing the pricing documents listed above to submit the claims. For replacement items, if there were no original receipts submitted, there will be 10%-50% uncertainty being applied to the claim amount of respective furniture items as the receipt is crucial for proof of ownership of the items. You should inform us on the year of purchase to us as supplementary information if you do not have the original receipt while complementing the supplementary information with the pricing screenshot of the same item at the retail shop or online marketplace.
  3. Technical Report / Handyman statement: For item which requires repair or replacement, a technical report or written statement by a handyman is required to clarify 2 issues:
    (i) What part of the item was being damaged;
    (ii) Why it was damaged or what could be the possible cause of it being damaged.
    A screenshot of WhatsApp conversation between you and Handyman is sufficient while Handyman has to be available for questioning over the phone if required.

When to submit?

  • Insurance claims can’t proceed if the tenant still in the house. 
  • Submit your claims report within 2 weeks of the incident. After 2 weeks, requests will not be entertained.

Definition of inconvenience benefit and household content section

Inconvenience Benefit

  • Utility bills: TNB, water and Indah Water ONLY. Other utility bills are not claimable.
  • Cleaning fees.
  • Repair, more to fixtures and fittings item. All non-moveable items.
  • For example, the water heater is one of the electrical items in the house. However, since it is not mobile and fitted on the building wall, it is more appropriate to be deemed as fixtures and fittings. Other examples of this category include ceiling fan, air-condition, lightings, built-in wardrobe, built-in cabinets or any built-in households, curtain railing etc.

Household Content

Content that defined as items that you would take with if you move home and they are movable. Examples: furniture, tables, stand-alone cabinets & wardrobes, bed, chairs, fridge, washing machine, oven/microwave etc.

Helpful Tips

  • Get repair quotation from handyman marketplace like and
  • Get cleaning quotation from cleaning provider like
  • Get price quotes from online marketplaces like or
  • Capture multiple angles of photos to illustrate the damage occurred on the furniture
  • Unable to source for the relevant contractor to fix the damage? Reach out to us at [email protected] as we have a list of contractors database for your consideration.
  • Kindly take note of the difference between quotation and receipt. You have to submit all of the receipts for claims disbursement. If quotation was submitted instead of a receipt, Allianz will not able to disburse the claims. Kindly take note of the difference between claims approved and claims disbursement, as you may submit a quotation to obtain the approval amount and proceed to engage contractor the fix the repair then you can submit the repair receipt to Allianz for claims disbursement purpose. In the context of you bought the furniture 10 years ago and you lost the original receipt, you just have to provide the quotation for the replacement unit and submit for approval. Once obtained approval, you can proceed to purchase the replacement unit and provide the receipt of such replacement for disbursement of claims.
  • Allianz will appoint a claims adjustor if the total claims submission value is more than RM15,000.00 and claim assessments will take up to 60 business days to complete.
  • Damage allowance: Landlords are advised to consider proceeding with repair first if items only sustain minor damage and still in usable condition. As Allianz will only consider for damage allowance if the items are still usable and if the landlord wishes to replace the item.

Timeline Expectation

Upon submission of relevant documents, claims can be disbursed within:
Loss of rental up to two (2) months3-7 days
Inconvenience benefits/utilities & minor repairs up to RM 10003-7 days
Accidental damage or theft of household content up to RM15,00021-30 days

To understand more, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]

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