Hari Malaysia: Throwback to where we began

Malaysia’s history as a former British colony is well-known, but none should forget that its historical roots stretch back to millennia ago…in a unique brew of Hindu, Buddhist and 12th Century Muslim sultanates. Colonisation by the European started with the Portuguese in 1511 and the Dutch in 1641 before the British took their place, resulting in a strange, vibrant culture that is unique to Malaysia till this day.

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So, all the drama around searching for, negotiating and finally signing the deal on your new rental home in Malaysia is finally over. Whew! It is an ordeal right? 

With SPEEDHOME, your journey has been a lot easier. (Heads nodding!)

Well as any self-respecting woman will tell you, getting into the new rented space is not the end of the story. It is the start of a journey – to make a home out of four bare walls and a roof. Men, do not groan. SPEEDHOME is here to the rescue.

Today we will hook you up with a flaming hot list of affordable mobile apps to decorate your rental home and create a beautiful personal space you can be proud of. Without the hassle of racking your brains or hiring a personal decorator (the missus may ask but the mister won’t).

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5 Unique Ways to Save For a House

With an oversupply of houses and increased cost of living, it’s not uncommon to say that Malaysians who are looking for homes have the short straw. The median price of a house in Kuala Lumpur is about RM550,000 as per Q3 2018 data while Putrajaya has a median of RM400,000 and Selangor RM382,000. It feels as if they’re getting more and more expensive every year, honestly.

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Building your savings for a house

Most of us can agree that saving money isn’t an enjoyable task, right?

Setting our hard-earned income aside often takes away from our social lives, hobbies, and interests. We have to cut back on ordering takeout, shopping with friends, funding our side hustles, and even splurging on morning coffee in exchange to have enough money to tuck away into our savings accounts. All for the mortgage down-payment.

Where’s the fun in that?

Well actually it can not be exhausting. Here are five ways to make building your savings account fun:

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Co-Living: Is it ideal for you and your family?

Co-housing, otherwise known as shared living is becoming increasingly popular as people from all walks of life band together in one shared community and live life together. All residents share living space and usually value transparency, collaboration and social networking. Co-housing generally prioritizes sustainable living, a close-knit community and privacy.


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20th Month – From Idea to SPEEDHOME (formerly Speedrent), to Speedsign ;)


 SPEEDHOME marks its 20th month since the ideation stage, it came a long way. In the past 20 months, many things have evolved. I wish to share the story of SPEEDHOME with you, be it you are part of the startup community at large, our beloved app members or even the agents who were worried of SPEEDHOME. 

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Tenancy Agreement Legal Fee And Stamp Duty Calculation In Malaysia

Tenancy agreement is very important for both of the landlord and tenant. As a landlord, you would like to have your property well protected and away from unwanted troubles. As a tenant, you would like to have your interest protected during the tenancy period so your deposits is protected and avoid any legal action taken by the landlord. Hence, it is very important that the tenancy agreement is being written properly.

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