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Eco Friendly Living for Tenants

The concept of eco-friendly living is a rising trend in today’s era, not only for home owners but also among tenants. The reason is because such living practices are known for long-term sustainability. Not only is it beneficial for the environment but it is also friendly for your wallet as a tenant. Here are some steps you can take as a tenant for greener living.

I. Energy-efficient Appliances

When you’re looking for a furnished unit, or if you’re shopping for household appliances for your rental, look out for energy-efficient appliances. Examples of such appliances are washing machines or refrigerators that are Energy Star-rated, or even opting for an induction cooking stove rather than old school gas cookers. And how can we forget the most popular method in this day and age; LED lighting for your entire house. These small changes will not only reduce your rental’s carbon footprint, but will also help to lessen your monthly utility bills! 

II. Reducing Water Consumption

Don’t be this guy. Please

Another step you can take for eco-friendly living is by reducing your water consumption. And no, I don’t mean drink less water hahaha, please stay hydrated! What I meant is to use less water for external uses such as spending less time in the shower and to not leave your water faucet running unnecessarily. Lesser water consumption means lesser wastage of clean water. Hence, less expensive water bills every month.

III. Green Transportation Options

Also, another action plan for eco-friendly living is opting for greener transportation options for traveling. Rather than driving a car, you can switch to public transportation such as buses and trains to commute. Nowadays, many housing units and apartments are built at strategic locations, where there are many accessible train stations within walking distance. If you need to travel to a destination out of public transport reach, carpooling with friends or family is a good option. Not only does it reduce carbon emission, it also saves you money on petrol consumption.

IV. Reducing Wastage and Recycling

You can also play your part in living an eco-friendly lifestyle through reducing wastage and recycling. Studies have shown that the amount of trash and food humans waste has significantly increased over the last few decades. Thus, contributing to the rise of environmental pollution. What we can do for a start is to reduce our food wastage. It’s as simple as cooking the right amount of food that you and your family can finish. As for recycling, you can invest in another container for recyclable wastes such as plastic containers and aluminum cans.

V. Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

And finally, the best step you can take for eco-friendly living as a tenant is by maintaining a good indoor air quality. Sounds simple or unexpected right? But it’s true! Many people in the suburbs tend to neglect this when it’s as simple as making sure their rental unit is well ventilated. Also, the smallest act of not smoking in your unit (or better yet, not to smoke at all!) can ensure better air quality for your daily life. If you want to take it a step further, investing in simple house plants can improve the oxygen quality of your unit.


In conclusion, there are many steps we can take as tenants to live eco-friendly lifestyles in the comfort of our rental spaces. All you have to do is to find the best method(s) that is suitable for your preference and convenience. Eco-friendly living is not only friendly for the environment, but it also benefits you greatly in terms of health and saving more money.

Did you know, having an Eco Friendly landlord also makes a huge difference in ensuring Eco Friendly Living!

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