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How Does SPEEDHOME Provide Security For My Home?

How Does SPEEDHOME Provide Security For My Home? 95% of our tenants choose SPEEDHOME because of our Zero Deposit rental policy. We ensure that home rental is affordable, hence increasing the pool of eligible tenants that can rent your home.

You might have a question: in what way does this benefit you as a landlord? Why should you care or accept something as dangerous as renting with Zero Deposit which seems like it does not provide security to your property? Below we’ll give you 3 reasons why.

Reason 1: We Do Credit Score Checking For All Tenants

 SPEEDHOME Provide Security 
 - Reason 1 : We Do Credit Score Checking For All Tenants

Before tenants are allowed to rent your home, they must first go through our routine check. They will sign a form that indicates that SPEEDHOME will do a thorough credit score check via EXPERIAN. The credit score will help you to make a decision whether to allow tenants in or not.

This is the first step to secure your unit as it ensures that your tenants are of trusted credit background. Meaning, that they were not blacklisted or chased by the banks for defaulted payments. A definite green light for you if you’re worried about tardy tenants.

Reason 2: We Do Background Check On All Tenants

SPEEDHOME Provide Security
- Reason 2: We Do Background Check On All Tenants

Aside from checking their credit score, we ensure that your tenants are of legit nature. They must present either letter of employment or past 3 months’ payslips. And if they’re students, we ask for a letter of admission or proof of study (usually via end-of-semester transcripts).

This step ensures that your tenants can pay for their rental. As they can be traced back to their working space or study institute.

Reason 3: RM72,000 Safety Net For All Landlords.

Reason 3: RM42,000 Safety Net For All Landlords.

Our service is not over just as soon as you get a tenant. So we’ve made sure that through all the checks we do on your tenant, you will still have a safety net to fall back to. That is, this SPEEDHOME + Allianz RM72k Protection. Of course, we’ve looked through every loophole possible and filled in every gap.

Should you ever face any problem from your tenant, you must immediately alert SPEEDHOME. We care for you & will try our best to navigate you out of every inconvenient situation. We’re available at 0187777650 & [email protected].

If you’d like to read more about how we can provide this safety net, you’re welcome to read more on our Landlords FAQ.

For these 3 reasons, we can say with absolute confidence that you will only get verified tenants from SPEEDHOME. Therefore, your home’s safety has been ensured from the first day you put your listing up on SPEEDHOME till the last day of tenure.

Still confused? Give us a call at 0187777650. You can also email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you about how we can arrange the best rental experience right here at SPEEDHOME.

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