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Important questions to ask when renting a new place

Do you know the important questions that renters should ask when renting a property? These could easily make or break your renting experience, so read on to find out! Check out the 5 questions to ask when renting!

Can I paint or redecorate?

This is probably way too common in households. The adage that the word ASSUME came out of “making an ASS out of U and ME rings absolutely true here. One has to remember that ownership does not belong to you and if you just happened to have a finicky landlord, he/she would not hesitate to give you a piece of their mind if you happen to have your way with the house.

Can I have a roommate?

And who would be responsible in the event someone doesn’t pay?

Remember that landlords are renting the property out for profits and do not take kindly if you happened to have a roommate who is not prompt with the rent. It’s important for you to define who would be responsible in the event your roommate or you decide to default on the rent.

Will you have parking?

An absolute must if you’re a car owner. Though many properties nowadays do include parking spaces, this is something that many neglect to address before moving into a property. Landlords may be able to cut you in on a more complete package if you enquire about this.

What happens when something goes wrong in the apartment?

Do NOT take this question for granted. Many renters have neglected this question at their own peril. Some landlords take kindly and may offer assistance in the event of any maintenance works while others may decide to delegate the responsibility of the house to you entirely.

Can I have a pet?

While having Mr. Whiskers around may help stave off lonely days, some landlords maybe particular about having pets. Pets could sometimes damage the existing furniture to the place and this would need to be taken into consideration.

Remember to communicate with your landlords before any rental confirmation is made.

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