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Best 9 Mont Kiara Condos To Rent

Mont Kiara is the Klang Valley town that often gets compared to the United States Beverly Hills. Just like owning a property in 90210, having a property in 50480 puts you among the T20 of the nation. 

Known for having a prestigious reputation, Mont Kiara condo list consists of high-end houses that can usually burn quite a hole in anyone’s wallets, but it is worth it with all the amenities you get pretty literally at your doorstep.

Another reason for moving here is that work establishments and business centres are all within walking distance. 

Say goodbye to long commutes to work and hi to a healthier lifestyle as you will find yourself walking more along with the short distance to your office building.

It is also attractive to many tenants as it is especially rich in offering luxury condominiums, turn around any corner in this township, and you will bump into at least three well-known developments.

Interested in leasing a place here? Well, here is the cream of the crop, best 9 Condominiums you can rent in Mont Kiara;

  1. Vista Kiara Condo
  2. Mont Kiara Sophia
  3. Angkupuri Condominium
  4. Kiara Kasih Condominium
  5. Tiffani Kiara Condo @ Tiffani by i-Zen
  6. Mont Kiara Palma
  7. Almaspuri Condo
  8. Lanai Kiara Condominium
  9. Kiara 163 Condo @ The Ooak Suites

Vista Kiara Condo

Vista Kiara Condo

Our opening act is the Vista Kiara Condo; this condo building offers a wide range of rentals starting from RM2000 to RM4000 for a 3-bedroom unit.

The amenities offered at Vista Kiara Condo include the following; 

  • 24 hours security and covered car parks.
  • Swimming pool and a wading pool.
  • Sauna and a gymnasium.
  • Badminton, basketball, squash and tennis courts.
  • Playground and a barbecue area.
  • Recreational lake and a jogging track.
  • Clubhouse, a lounge, and a multipurpose hall.
  • Salon, a mini-mart and an in-house nursery.

Developed by Asia Quest Holdings, this distinguished property has been around since 1997 and is still a hot place for property hunters to invest in. The condo building targets small to medium-sized families.

Why you might ask, well, it has the advantage of being quite literally in the centre of Mont Kiara’s shopping hub. 

Located just a street away from 163 Retail Park shopping complex and Vista Kiara Shoppe, you will save up quite a bit on petrol from not needing to drive for your household needs or to hang out with your friends.

Mont Kiara Sophia

Mont Kiara Sophia

Built by reputable Sunrise developers, Mont Kiara Sophia was already a hot commodity before its completion in 1997. 

Despite having been built all those years ago, Mont Kiara Sophia is still standing tall amongst its newer competitors, thanks to quality materials.

As mentioned before, Mont Kiara’s condominiums are never far from business centres; the same can be said for this condo. 

Just a block away from the trio of shopping malls 1 Mont Kiara, 163 Retail Park and Vista Kiara Shoppe, it provides enough distance from the bustling area for those who prefer more privacy.

Rent goes for a bit higher here with a starting amount of RM2000 for a 1-bedroom unit up to RM5500 for a 3+1 bedroom unit. 

That’s not a surprise as the facilities offered here are as follows: 

  • 24 hours surveillance and covered car parks.
  • Signature swimming pool and a sauna.
  • Barbecue area and a jogging track.
  • Function room and a lounge.
  • Badminton hall, basketball and tennis court.
  • Recreation lake and a playground.
  • Mini-mart and an in-house nursery.
  • Billiards room and a gymnasium.

Mont Kiara Sophia is a freehold luxury condominium with two blocks and 14 storeys. 

With only 238 units, you will not have to face a crowd whenever you are waiting for the elevator to get home.

Angkupuri Condominium

Angkupuri Condominium

A little further down the road from Mont Kiara, Sophia is our third contender on the list, Angkupuri Condominium

This condominium was developed in 1998 by BTHomestead Development. The rental rate ranges from RM2000 for a 3-bedroom unit to RM4000 for a 3+1 bedroom unit. 

That’s understandable given that the condominium also brags amenities such as the following: 

  • 24-hour security and covered car park.
  • Sauna and gymnasium.
  • Squash and tennis court.
  • Jogging track and playground
  • Mini-mart, salon, and cafe.
  • Function room, and in-house nursery.
  • Landscaped garden and barbecue area.

This esteemed build has only one block, with 39-storeys and 210 units meaning occupancy is not high, and you do not have to fight for the elevators. 

Angkupuri Condominium might be a longer walk to the malls. Still, it is nearer to the Mont Kiara international school and Garden international school and a stone’s throw away from the French international school.

It is a definite favourite rental for expatriates and smaller families with school children.

Kiara Kasih Condominium

Kiara Kasih Condominium

Kiara Kasih Condominium is a 40-storey project that is a little further out than the previous condominium circle. This newer build is a UEM Sunrise development. 

It is the first RUMAWIP (Rumah Wilayah Persekutuan) project that is located nearer to Segambut than Mont Kiara but is not too far of a drive.

Started in 2018, unlike others on this list, this condominium is not yet completed

Predicting an October 2022 completion, this building offers modern high-rise living, with 815sq ft per unit. Each of the 719 units comes with 3-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, perfect for a family of four. 

Kiara Kasih Condominium’s facilities have yet to be shared, but it is already guaranteed not to lose out to others on the list.

Tiffani Kiara Condo @ Tiffany by i-Zen

Tiffani Kiara Condo @ Tiffany by i-Zen

Moving back towards central Mont Kiara is Tiffani Kiara Condo @ Tiffani by i-Zen. This development is a freehold condominium with 2 blocks and 399 residential units, with 3 different layouts (Radiant, Ideale and Kallista).

Needing to walk a bit more to reach the shopping complex triangle definitely has not hurt the rental value of Tiffani Kiara Condo as the rental price range goes from RM2700 for a 1-bedroom unit to RM9800 for a 4+1 bedroom unit. 

Now, surely with that price tag, the place has to offer something, it definitely offers some top of the line amenities such as: 

  • 24-hour security and covered car parks, 
  • Barbecue area and a jogging track.
  • Clubhouse, and a cafe.
  • Squash and tennis courts.
  • Sauna and a gymnasium.
  •  Variety of swimming pools; a wading pool.
  • Jacuzzi, an aerobics pool and a fun pool. 

You might think a long walk to the central hub would be hard to get groceries, well not really, it is just a 5-minutes walk away from a business centre, and a multitude of markets and even Korean markets are available.

Mont Kiara Palma

Mont Kiara Palma

Mont Kiara Palma is a condominium directly in the middle of Mont Kiara Centre.  

Being near to everything and you still do not want to leave your condominium vicinity? Not a problem, Mont Kiara Palma has plenty of its own amenities to keep residents entertained which include: 

  • 24-hour surveillance and covered car parks.
  • Swimming pool and a wading pool. 
  • Gymnasium, a clubhouse and lounge.
  • Badminton hall, a squash and basketball court.
  • Barbecue area, a mini-mart, an in-house nursery and a cafe.

All these offerings and the rental range starts at RM2300 for a 3-bedroom unit and goes up to RM7800 for a 4+1 bedroom unit; which is a fair price to pay to have not to walk for more than 5 minutes anywhere.

It is definitely the perfect choice for those that love being in the centre of the hubbub as it is just opposite 163 Retail Park. Groceries? No worries. Spas and salons? Aplenty. Food? The choice is yours. 

Almaspuri Condo

Almaspuri Condo

Almaspuri Condo is a low-density condo building located near Mont Kiara International School. This condo is also near the shopping triangle, making it a prime location for those not seeking adventure in a new place.

With similar amenities to others on this list, it boasts the following amenities:

  • 24-hour security and covered car parks. 
  • Landscaped garden, and a playground. 
  • Multipurpose Hall, and a reading room. 
  • Swimming pool and a gymnasium. 
  • Tennis court and an in-house nursery. 

Almaspuri Condo is developed by BTHomestead Group, comprising two blocks with both standard and penthouse layouts. The rental ranges from RM2900 for a 3+1 bedroom unit to RM5200 for a 4-bedroom unit.

Lanai Kiara Condominium

Lanai Kiara Condominium

Lanai Kiara Condominium is similar to Vista Kiara Condo in which is located directly behind 163 Retail Park and Vista Kiara Shoppe. This freehold condo building was completed in 1998 and offered 181 units across 21 floors.

The rental range starts at RM2300 for a 3-bedroom unit and goes up to RM5500 for a 4-bedroom unit. Being not directly at the centre cuts some costs. 

Some of the facilities included in the condo are:

  • 24 hours security with perimeter fencing.
  • Swimming pool and a wading pool. 
  • Gymnasium, playground, and in-house nursery. 
  • Cafe, mini-mart and a salon. 
  • Badminton hall, tennis and squash courts.
  • Lounge and a multipurpose hall.

The condominium prides itself in its well-maintenance exterior and interior, so you definitely will not have to worry about anything appearing rundown or outdated.

Kiara 163 Condo @ The Ooak Suites

Kiara 163 Condo @ The Ooak Suites

We have talked about Mont Kiara Palma being in the centre of everything but have we talked about a condominium that is connected to the shopping mall? That is right, Kiara 163 Condo or also known as The Ooak Suites, is directly connected to the 163 Retail Park shopping mall.

The Ooak Suites is a serviced apartment by D’Kiara Place Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of YNH Berhad, and the rental range starts from RM1500 and could go up to RM6000. It is a residential, retail, and office building in one, so you never actually have to step outside even if you work in the building.

Like other serviced apartments, it already offers cleaning services. On top of that, it also offers amenities like:

  • Covered car parks, a clubhouse, and a game room.
  • Gymnasium, a playground, 
  • Squash court, a wading pool, and a jacuzzi. 
  • Surau and its multitude of function and multipurpose rooms. 

That is all on top of being connected to a shopping mall that has more to offer. This makes it suitable for vacation rental purposes.

In short, living in Mont Kiara, in a nutshell, means you will be close to everything you need to live without ever needing to actually enter the Kuala Lumpur City Center. Mont Kiara provides rentals for tenants of all backgrounds, locals or expatriates, singles or families; it offers all varieties, except that it has more condos than landed houses for rents.

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