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Ultimate Guide to Living in Cyberjaya


Cyberjaya, famously known as a tech hub in Malaysia, was established in 1997. It is situated on about 3000 hectares of undeveloped land and located about 40 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur. It has since become a shining faith in Malaysia’s hope to transition into the knowledge economy. 

With ambitions of becoming the nation’s very own Silicon Valley, Cyberjaya started off with humble beginnings. This township has experienced many developments since its start with commercial, industrial, and educational interests.

Two decades after the official launch, Cyberjaya today is full of life. Rapid developments have taken place in the past and there are numerous commercial buildings, residential blocks, offices, and also close to ten tertiary education institutes that are already established here.

The town also serves as the core of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), now known as MSC Malaysia. It is an organization that is established by the Malaysian government to boost the growth of the country’s digital economy. The MSC Malaysia status offers eligible ICT-related businesses, both local and foreign, with a broad series of incentives, rights, and privileges to promote continued growth. 

With this program, there are about 800 companies that range from MSC status firms, established corporate companies and also many startups. This has led to growth in job opportunities within the area as well.

The town is also home to about 100,000 people. The tranquillity and sense of completeness have seen many families start to move into town. Big universities and colleges have then attracted a great number of youths not only from Malaysia but also from all parts of the world into Cyberjaya.

 Lastly, with the many companies, that brings in all the bachelors and working professionals.

Let us explore and take a look at the famous landmarks of Cyberjaya.                                     

Famous Landmarks of Cyberjaya

Tamarind Square

With its impressive architecture and accompanied by the greeneries of nature, Tamarind Square is one of the most attractive places in Cyberjaya. 

Tamarind Square has 18 units of 4 storeys semi-detached shop offices, 12 units of 5 storeys semi-detached shop offices, and 72 units of 3 storeys garden mall shop offices. It has an overall area of around 4000 square feet.

This property is designed to be an alluring get-together spot for the community, it has trees planted on all floors to offer an experience of a cascading ‘hanging’ garden’. It is also very children friendly as they can play at the ‘forest playground’ and feed animals at the pet island.

Students from the universities and colleges can hang around at the many mounts and be entertained by an outdoor concert or movie. The area also has a lot of working professionals due to the high number of offices within the area. They can be seen having lunch under the trees, next to the water features. 

Furthermore, a covered Centre Court provides a vast open area for flea markets, exhibitions, performances and events. There are also treehouses that are built around which are perfect for children to explore and students to hang out. On certain occasions, these treehouses are used as small shops, reading rooms, yoga zones, meeting rooms and other activities. 

D’Pulze Shopping Centre

Many years back when Cyberjaya was still developing, many have been waiting for a shopping mall to be established. D’Pulze is small that completes the lives of everyone in Cyberjaya as not only it can satisfy all the needs of people, but it is also convenient and easily accessible from all corners.

The mall is a popular hangout spot for the students of the various universities in town and also the working adults after work. Few of the well-known retailers residing in the premises are such as TGV Cinema, Jaya Grocer, and Celebrity Fitness. 

The mall also has a never-ending list of food and beverage outlets of various cuisines and they are such as Sushi Zanmai, Ole Ole Bali, Thai Odyssey and The Loaf.

D’Pulze is a completely integrated establishment in the area and it also comes provided with a 4-star international hotel managed by The Ascott Ltd, a 162-room Tune Hotels and about 500 units of fully-sold apartments to anchor its mix. 

Malaysian Multimedia University (MMU)

Other than being known as a tech hub, Cyberjaya is also known as a student hive. One of the or most prominent university in town is Multimedia University, famously known as MMU. The university has 3 campuses and one of them resides in Cyberjaya,

Established in 1996, MMU was brought to life by Telekom Malaysia, with a purpose to provide qualified human capital for the economy, and was officially launched by the then Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed in 1999.

MMU is famous for being an expert in courses such as Creative Multimedia, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, Law, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Finance, and Bio-Medical Sciences. MMU is one of the first universities in Malaysia to offer undergraduate courses in nanotechnology, which is set to revolutionize the manufacturing and processing industries.

Currently, the population of students in MMU is about 20,000, with up to 5 thousand of which come from 80 other countries. The campus is one of the main contributions to the city’s liveliness, injecting youth into its ecosystem that gives Cyberjaya a youthful vibe. 

Cyberjaya Lake Gardens

Just like its sister Putrajaya, Cyberjaya is also dotted with lakes and ponds. One of the best ones in it is the Cyberjaya Lake Gardens. Established in 1998, it is just as old as Cyberjaya itself.

The land was previously an oil palm plantation and secondary forest. They were then cleared out to make way for developments. The park has become a sanctuary for the locals who live or work here and also frequently filled with students from nearby universities.

There is a huge boardwalk that scythes through the dense foliage of the wetlands and curves over the lake give this public park its sense of adventure. Along the routes are picnic tables, benches, and gazebos allows one to enjoy the beautiful surrounding, not to mention the amount of Instagram worthy pictures that you can take home from here.

Raycer Powerhouse

One of the most exciting activities to enjoy in Cyberjaya is none other than go-karting! Raycer Powerhouse offers the best deals in town and they also cater for events such as team building, family days and birthday parties. 

They have an indoor track and also an outdoor track which can provide a lot of fun to the players. Moreover, Raycer Powerhouse also operates a race driver training academy and a kart racing team. For those who love motorsports and racing, you do not want to miss this place when in Cyberjaya.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park

Cyberjaya Paintball is a well-equipped paintball park, located in the middle of Cyberjaya itself. The park has everything that is needed to satisfy the needs of all levels of paintballers and even spectators.

Cyberjaya Paintball Park provides complete club facilities such as changing rooms, surau, coffee-house, driving range, swimming pool and gymnasium. The park is also family-friendly as there is a children’s playground, wading pools and also picnic spots along the lake.

The paintball arenas are designed and managed by passionate paintballers who understand the needs of both new and seasoned paintballers. The fields are friendly to all levels of players while giving an exciting terrain for experienced players. 

The park has 5 fields that include 2 tournament-sized speedball fields with air-field bunkers and man-made obstacles; and 3 recball fields with 3 different scenarios.

Bring your squad over and have an amazing time!

Living in Cyberjaya

Many people have moved to Cyberjaya for various reasons such and one of them is job opportunities. There are plenty of them as the city has about 100 corporations and close to 1000 ICT companies.

Many families have also moved into town due to its peacefulness and there are also many schools available for the children. There is the ELC International School and Nexus International School which is located close by and there are also five top tertiary education institute such as Kirkby, Multimedia University, Limkokwing, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences.

For fitness and health, there are many facilities that one can enjoy. There are several gyms in the area and they are such as Celebrity Fitness, Fitness Forever, Apex Fitness and a few others.

In line with Cyberjaya’s low-carbon city initiative, the majority of the roads in the town have a bicycle and walking lanes. This makes it very favourable to go and cycle around. Moreover, the roads have proper wide walking paths that allow you to comfortably walk from one place to the next.

There are also many parks in Cyberjaya that people go to fulfil their exercising duties. A few of them are Cyberjaya Lake Gardens, Cyberjaya Park, Perdana Lake, and also Cyber Valley Park. All the parks have properly built trails for people to walk and cycle on. They are also children friendly with playgrounds incorporated in them.

Accessibility and Transportation

Many perceive Cyberjaya as somewhere far and away from the Klang Valley. However, that is untrue. Although it is in the suburbs compared to the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is only a 20-minute drive away via the Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya highway or also known as Maju Expressway.

Being in the Klang Valley, getting anywhere in 20 minutes is a blessing and that is a fact!

The Maju Expressway can lead you to the Elite Highway, where you can then reach KLIA in another 10 minutes, while the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) provides access to Port Klang. There is also the LDP that serves as a crucial link to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Damansara, SS2, Kelana Jaya, Subang Jaya and Puchong. Other than that, the SKVE forms the major expressway from PLUS to Cyberjaya.

As for public transport, there is the KLIA Transit (on the Express Rail Link network) serving Cyberjaya and Putrajaya via a station – Putrajaya/Cyberjaya.

There is also the upcoming Mass Rapid Transit Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya (MRT SSP) line where there will be two stations serving the area The areas are Cyberjaya City Centre which is near Limkokwing University and Cyberjaya North that is near Skypark. Both stations are expected to be completed and operational by 2022.

This will give a lot of convenience for those who wish to  enter or exit Cyberjaya as the MRT will have a shuttle every 3 minutes, which is a no brainer.

The town also features its own bus station, rightly named Cyberjaya Transport Terminal. The bus routes connect Cyberjaya to many areas in the Klang Valley such as Ampang, Gombak, Bandar Tasik Selatan, Bandar Utama, Kepong, Shah Alam and Klang.

Cost of Living

Parents also like sending their kids to further their education in Cyberjaya due to their cost of living. It is relatively low compared to studying in the city of Kuala Lumpur or Subang Jaya. The average cost of a meal in Cyberjaya is only RM7 at an inexpensive restaurant and RM20 at a mid-range restaurant.

For accommodation, the price of a room for rent ranges from RM400-RM800 and that is very affordable in the era that we are living in.

Utilities that include electricity, water and internet will be at an average of only RM250 a month. 

For a person living alone, having an average of RM600 a month is definitely enough live a budgeted yet comfortable lifestyle. 

Where to live

The township of Cyberjaya has plenty of high-rise residential and landed properties. Many developers have noticed the potential of the city after the establishments of a few international level universities. 

The accommodation in Cyberjaya is like a lunch buffet, where you get to choose any type of residential unit at many different prices. Moreover, with SPEEDHOME, you can start renting a place with ZERO DEPOSIT!

Let us start with landed properties. Places like Cyber Heights Villa and Casa Green Cybersouth provides double storey terrace links that are guarded. The rental cost can start at just RM1500 a month. 

Rooms at a similar type of units can be found ranging from RM300-RM600 a month, which is very much affordable. A few of them are available at Cyberia Smarthomes, The Place and Mutiara Ville. These are usually the favourites for the students in Cyberjaya.

Moving to high-rise apartments, they can also come in all sorts of prices. At D’Pulze, Cybersquare Vertex Tower and Centrus Soho, a single room or SoHo apartment can be found at an average of RM 1300 a month.

For more luxurious apartments such as Gardenview Residences, Third Avenue and HVYE, a 3 bedroom apartment will cost around RM2400 monthly.

Last but not least, let us take a look at a few high-ended bungalows in Cyberjaya. Lake Point Residence and Clover Garden Residence offers prestigious bungalows at around RM6000 a month. 

For more options, do head over to SPEEDHOME and your ideal unit is just a few clicks away.

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