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Finding Your Ideal Rental: A Tenant’s Guide to the Malaysian Market

Malaysia is a diverse country that is influenced by many different cultures. Just by knowing how rich Malaysia is in traditions, you wouldn’t wanna pass on enjoying and living in the Malaysian moment, don’t you? This is why we want to make sure you are Malaysia-ready for anything – well, in terms of finding your home. The first step in setting up your adventure list is to find your home in the Jewel of Southeast Asia!

Understanding Your Needs

Before everything else, you should know what your needs and wants are when it comes to renting a place. It’s important to identify your preferences in many things, especially in owning your own place for a little while. You’d want to start by getting comfy with where you stay and the first step is understanding your needs. With this first step of finding your ideal home, you’ll be able to know which area you’ll be targeting and what type of unit you should go for.

Ask these questions to yourself:

  • How much is my budget to rent a property?
  • How long will I be staying?
  • What do I need inside the rental property?
  • Do I need to have access to locations like grocery stores, local restaurants, etc.?
  • Am I here as a tourist or a resident?
  • Am I here as a student or for work purposes?
  • Do I need a furnished unit or am I good with filling up my own furniture and aesthetics?

Remember that understanding what you want for yourself is the first step of recognizing the perfect property that you need for your entire stay. Either way, your comfort matters towards everything else.

Researching Rental Options

Malaysia has a lot to offer for tourists and new residents. Each state has its own uniqueness and flavor that would surely entice you to rent a property in that area. But I’m pretty sure that you’d want to rent here and there when it comes to renting in Malaysia. There are a lot of choices for you to go through and find the best places to stay from 13 different states! 

But what are the types of properties available to rent in Malaysia? Let’s explore some of the properties available to rent in Malaysia. Watch out, it might pique your interest!


This unit typically has a single open space that combines the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. But it usually has a separate bathroom. This is best for individuals or couples who wants an efficient unit to consider a simple living space.


It is a short-term for “Condominium” which offers a type of housing where individuals own their own unit in a single building. Although having their own unit, they share common areas and facilities with other residents. This is best for individuals, couples, or small families who wants a private unit with the benefit of accessing amenities and facilities within the residence. For additional information, condos can range from apartment-style units to townhouses.


This unit typically comes in many different styles and sizes depending on the area where the property stands. In fact, everything in the property is for you to enjoy. It also has its own private outdoor space just for you, which means it offers more space and privacy for tenants. This is suitable for families or individuals that want more space for themselves. 


This unit is typically a part of a residential building that has multiple units, but it varies in size and layout. Plus, tenants usually share common spaces like hallways, lobbies, and parking areas unlike condominiums. This is best for individuals, couples, or even small families that wants a versatile space.


This unit is an individual living space in a shared apartment or a house. Tenants that rent a room usually shares common areas like the kitchen and bathroom. This is best for individuals or students who prefers to have an affordable option to rent and are comfortable with shared common spaces.


This unit is a type of housing that is within a row of identical houses that shares side walls with other tenants. Each house is identical from both design and layout best for tenants who simply enjoys having a uniform neighborhood. This is best for families or individuals who wants more space than an apartment without having to worry about sharing walls with neighbors.

But of course, it is important to get to know especially the legal side of the real estate industry in Malaysia. You might think that knowing this kind of information is not really necessary or important since you’re just renting out a property. Let’s just say it gives you the advantage of being able to get the gist of how you can deal with different situations while you’re renting in Malaysia. This is always a mandatory to understand and know what consists of the laws and regulations in regards to renting or even owning a house when you’re new to these certain things. There can be discrepancies between you, the landlord, and the tenancy agreement where this could come in handy. Think of it as you becoming aware and knowledgeable about real estate like a responsible citizen should be.

Budgeting for Additional Costs

When you are renting a place, you are not only responsible for paying the monthly rent but also in paying the monthly utility bills and other payments. But it can vary depending on your tenancy’s timeline. If you are renting the place for a short period, you only have to worry about your entire rental payment and your needs for the whole stay. But when you’re staying for a long period of time, or long-term rentals, you have to be responsible in many things such as paying the monthly rent including utility bills to property maintenance. This is why it is important to stay financially prepared for anything in case of any possible scenarios that can happen throughout your stay.

Overcoming Challenges

We can most expect that some rental processes and tenancy agreements are just not as seamless as others do. In some cases, there are certain challenges between the tenant and the landlord like having misunderstandings in regards to the tenancy agreement. As a tenant, you should be prepared to overcome these challenges as unresolved matters can lead to eviction. But you should always remember that before you deal with the situation, make sure to:

  • Document your evidence in regards to your case. (e.g. Notice from Landlord)
  • Understand the laws and regulations of Malaysia in regards to rentals.
  • Always seek legal advice when things are getting seriously challenging.

Your rental experience always matters, that is why for starters, you should always remember to think about your preferences of what type of unit do you want to rent out, where do you want to rent a unit, and remember to keep yourself posted about the laws and regulations of Malaysia’s real estate matters. By carefully considering the following criterias, your rental experience will surely improve from 0 to 100! That is why at SPEEDHOME, we provide our tenants with a quick and easy digital rental experience! You’ll be able to find your dream rental home in just 1… 2… 3… taps!

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