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Change of Tenancy – Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Tenants are required to change the TNB bills to their name once they rent any unit under SPEEDHOME as stated in the tenancy agreement 2.5(a). Tenant agrees to pay the deposit of TNB account opening to Tenaga Nasional Berhad in accordance with Clause 2.5(a). Tenant can change TNB name by either go to any TNB counter to apply for the change of tenancy or apply online at MyTNB. Kindly follow the steps below if Tenant chooses to change the tenancy on MyTNB website:

1. Open MyTNB at

2. Tenants that already have the account may login to their existing account while the first time user may register as a new user.

3. After signing in, the tenant goes to the “Apply” page on the second tab of the header menu.

4. The tenant to click on “I am moving in. Get me started!” to change tenancy for an existing account.

5. The tenant will be directed to the following page. Fill in the “Property Address*” field as in the current bills.

6. The tenant to click next and choose to apply as an individual renting this property.

7. Click next. The tenant to prepare the documents required as per below to proceed further. The documents required might be different depends on the type of premise and electricity. 

8. The tenant to fill up the new account owner details.

9. The tenant to fill up the new supply start date for the new cycle of the bills. 

10. The tenant to upload documents required and submit the application. 
Note: Different types of premises might require different documents.

11. Upon the new supply date, a deposit amount will be generated for the tenant to pay to start the new bills. 

12. The tenant to login again to MyTNB to check the status and pay the deposit by clicking “I want to check my applications”.

13. The tenant to click “View” to pay the deposit and complete the change of tenancy. 

14. Kindly refer here to estimate the deposit amount that TNB might charge to apply for tenancy change.

Important note: SPEEDHOME can assist the Tenant however, RM700 will be collected upfront for the deposit payment. Any extra amount will be returned to the Tenant. If the amount is insufficient, the Tenant needs to pay for the balance.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A) Issues regarding Arrears, Cut of Supply, Change of Tenancy

1. Can the landlord (not a registered user) apply to cut the electricity supply of a premise still in use by a tenant?

No. The landlord has no right to apply for a cut because the contract is signed between TNB and the tenant.

2. If a new tenant wants to apply for electricity supply, can TNB request him/her to pay the bill arrears that have not been settled by the old Tenant?

TNB cannot request the new tenant to pay for the arrears or any amount of electricity usage that was from the old Tenant.

3. Is the landlord responsible for the bill arrears that haven’t been paid?

No. The tenant who has left the premise has to pay the leftover amount.

4. Can the landlord apply for a new electricity supply after the electricity supply contract with the old Tenant has been canceled?


5. Can the prior tenant ask TNB to reconnect the electricity supply if he/she produces proof that the Rental Agreement is still valid, and pays for all the arrears?

Yes, by making a new application and if the premise does not have a registered user that has a contract with TNB. It is not possible if there is a registered user that has a contract with TNB.

6. Can a registered user apply for a temporary cut of electricity?

A temporary cut of electricity supply is not allowed, whether you are a registered user or not. Applying for it will result in the ending of the contract. However, an application for shutdown will be considered.

7. A tenant who is not a registered user has left the premise with bill arrears that have not been paid. Is the landlord, as a registered user, responsible for the arrears?

Yes, the landlord, as a registered user, is responsible for the arrears and may face the law by TNB.

8. The landlord is burdened by high electricity bills after a tenant moves in. What can the landlord do to avoid this?

The landlord, as a registered user, has three options:

• Before the tenant moves in, the landlord, as a registered user, can prepare a Change of Tenancy document to make the tenant responsible for unpaid bills, after an electricity supply contract has been made in the tenant’s name.

• If the landlord does not want to do a Change of Tenancy agreement, he/she can register with MyTNB to check the monthly usage and payment trending of the tenant.

• Come to Kedai Tenaga to check the account.

B) Issues in Ending A Contract  

1. Can the landlord who is a registered user apply to cut the electricity supply and end the contract of a premise still in use by a tenant?

Yes, because he/she is a registered user and the party in contract with TNB.

2. Can the landlord who isn’t a registered user apply to cut the electricity supply and end the contract of a premise still in use by a tenant?

No, because the contract between TNB and the tenant is still valid.

C) Issues in Closing Account

1. Who can apply for account closing (ending of contract) with TNB?

Only registered users can close an account.

2. What is the process?

The closing of an account can be done by notifying TNB at least 3 days (before the account closing date) through:

1. MyTNB website

2. Visiting any Kedai Tenaga

3. Written notification (by post or handover at Kedai Tenaga)

D) Miscellaneous Questions 

1. If a premise that is rented is used for activities that violate the Electricity Supply Act, who is responsible for all claims made under the account?

The registered user is responsible, whether they are the owner or tenant of the premise.

2. If a tenant that is a registered user passes away, who will have to pay for the bill amount, including the current bill?

The bill amount will be claimed from the heir.

3.  Can a tenant request for Self Meter Reading (SMR) if he/she isn’t a registered user?

Yes, on the condition he/she gets written permission from the registered user. More information can be found on the MyTNB website.

4. Why is permission needed from the registered user?

Because all matters involving the account is the responsibility of the registered user.

[All source from Tenaga Nasional Berhad]
Updated on 14th October 2020

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