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Inspection checklist before tenants move out

Conducting a final move out inspection at the end of a tenancy is what landlords and tenants should prepare for. As a landlord, you need to make sure your property is in tiptop condition and ready to move-in for the next tenant before returning the security deposit. Whereas if you are a tenant, you would want to get a full refund of the security deposit as soon as possible.

So, a good moving-out inspection checklist is vital to ensure the process runs smoothly for both parties. The inspection checklist should include a list of details to walk through on who should be liable for any repairs and replacement costs. As a landlord, you should take videos or photos during the inspection as evidence to back up any claims. If you are unable to handle all this yourself, try using SPEEDHOME! We will guide you through the ins and outs of renting for the best rental experience for you and your tenant.

Before a property inspection is done, send the inspection checklist to your tenant. Schedule a time with your tenants prior to the inspection and inform them of your expectations. To help you with the inspection checklist, here are our recommendations –

Inspection Checklist


●      The Oven: The oven needs to be clean and degreased. All the equipment and rack should be complete or the way you gave it. 

●      The Stove: The stove should be in proper condition. Each of the burners should work according to the way you left it.

●      The refrigerator: The refrigerator should be clean and odorless. The freezer should work correctly.

●      Cabinet and drawer storage: Cabinets and drawers should be kept empty. Any cracks or damages need to be noted for further investigation.

●      The dishwasher: The dishwasher must be kept clean and function properly.

●      The Sink: Ensure the taps are working well and check the pipeline for any leaks or blockages.

Living Space and Bedrooms

●      The windows: Open, close, and lock all windows to ensure they are working properly.

●      The Doors: The doors should be in proper condition and door locks should not be malfunction. Try opening and closing the doors to see if all the hinges and locks are working. 

●      The Flooring: The flooring must be checked to ensure no damage has been done.

●      The walls: The walls should be free of any markings or damage. Check for any drillings made without your prior knowledge.

●      The Fans and air conditioner: The fans and air conditioner should be clean and working properly. There should not be any dust or dirt on them.

●      The furniture (if any): All of the furniture needs to be able to function properly. Any hinges or hardware missing must be noted. Try sitting on the chairs and sofas and see if their paint or clothing has been worn out. 


●      The toilets: The toilets must be clean and disinfected. No personal belongings should be there.

●      The walls: The walls in the bathrooms should be free of any holes or damage.

●      The shower: The shower should be clean and free of personal items and equipment.

●      The sink and drainage: The sink and drainage should be clean and not clogged.

●      The pipelines: Check all the pipelines for any water leakage that may be present. Water leakage could further damage the walls.

●      The mirrors: The mirrors need to be wiped clean and free of any cracks or damage.


●      Bills: Make sure tenants have paid all the utilities, wifi and rental bills.

●      Key: Make sure tenants do not withhold any keys to your property after moving out.

Both you and your tenants should walk through the final move out inspection together. This can prevent further problems that can arise due to any unsatisfactory conditions. Also, this can help you proceed to find new tenants faster while your previous tenants get their deposits back sooner.

If you are still feeling comprehensive about doing this yourself, SPEEDHOME can help! We take care of our landlords from the get go by screening for quality tenants. So, what are you waiting for?

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