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How To Show a Property Without Wasting Time

Many of us ask – what is the importance of Property Viewing when all we have to do is show them our property and they get to decide whether they like it or not? Well, as a landlord, you have to understand that Property Viewing is one of the most crucial steps that can make or break your potential tenancy agreement. 

We often encounter many challenges during Property Viewings such as:

Time Constraints: 

It is always a struggle to find the right time to show your property to potential tenants. Your schedule can either be tight or the viewing is not just scheduled at the right time. While tenants also have their own time constraints depending on how busy they are. Synchronizing your time with tenants can either be a piece of cake or a bunch of work.

Unqualified or Uninterested Visitors: 

Aside from time constraints, we also have tenants who may not be sure about renting your property at all. We definitely don’t want to waste our time and efforts babbling about so many things then they’d just go poof! As a landlord companion, we suggest you run through tenant pre-screening to find out more about their wants and needs. 

Maintenance and Presentation: 

When tenants view a property, it must always be in the best condition. That is why maintenance is a must to create consistency in presenting the property effectively and beautifully! This will help in making a positive impression while gaining interested tenants to rent your property.

Communication Barriers: 

We should most expect that tenants will bombard you with a LOT of questions – especially if tenants are really eager to know more about the property, tenancy agreement, and even their expectations in the long run. As a landlord, you should make sure that every question is not left unanswered. Tenants are very sensitive when it comes to knowing a lot more than just the property itself.

Balancing Thoroughness and Time Efficiency: 

Providing enough important information about the property to the tenants is important. While showcasing the entire property to tenants, you should ensure that you feed them with information as well. This can help in being time-efficient while essentially being informative throughout the property viewing process.

Understanding Your Prospective Tenants:

Before moving into tenant property viewing, landlords should always reconsider doing Tenant Screening. This will give landlords the chance to ensure that the tenant is qualified in the landlord’s tenant requirements. It will not only help in tenant qualification but also reduce time wasted on unsuitable tenants. Plus, this will keep you and your tenant gaining a deeper connection!

Effective Scheduling:

When a property is vacant, there are countless tenants who will surely be interested in viewing your property. But there are also instances where you and your tenant’s schedules won’t match – or different interested tenants want to view the property at the same time! 

But… technology has been getting more and more advanced lately. So, why settle for traditional when you can go modern? By using online scheduling tools, like Calendly and Doodle, you can make property viewings much more time-efficient and easy to manage!

Preparing Your Property:

Preparing the property for property viewing is a big MUST. Just like meeting a stranger, first impressions will forever last but we can always work on that beforehand. As a landlord companion, you should make sure that every corner of the property shows a homey and welcoming vibe to tenants. Check minor damages and make sure that the property is maintained properly.  This will help increase the chance of being rented out quicker than you thought!

Conducting Efficient Showings:

Time efficiency should not only be applied from tenant screening to preparing your property but also during property viewing. This is the most crucial step in the entire process as landlords deal with tenants face-to-face. Landlords should provide the basic yet important information from the beginning of the viewing process until the end. This will not only give tenants enough information about the property but also enough time to discuss more important details. 

Here are some key points to remember when in property viewing:

  1. Location of the Property
    • The location of the property matters a lot, especially for tenants who desire convenience from around the location such as essential amenities, transportation options, shopping centers, and recreational areas.
  2. Condition of the Property
    • The condition of the entire property affects the tenant’s option to consider renting as this lets them understand the risk of having potential maintenance issues.
  3. Potential Modifications
    • It is expected that tenants will have their own point of view on adding some finishing touches to the property. Identifying the changes or improvements can give you some ideas on how you can help the tenant understand the conditions later on.
  4. Terms and Conditions
    • After going through the 3 key points, you should always remember to talk about the terms and conditions of the whole tenancy agreement. This will help you and the tenant to understand the terms and conditions from lease duration to rules and regulations making the entire tenancy experience smooth sailing.

Leveraging Digital Tools:

Almost everything has been through the process of modernization, which means landlords are also slowly becoming modern landlords. Landlords are frequently using the internet to gain more opportunities to boost their property. But this will not only boost the property but also increase the chance of getting more potential tenants too! By doing it the modern way, you can do virtual tours and post high-quality photos for quicker property viewing. Plus, you can provide the most detailed information about the property making it informative. Imagine making everything much easier with just a few taps of your finger.

SPEEDHOME’s Homerunner Service:

*Available only in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

SPEEDHOME is every landlord’s companion and that’s why we’re offering the ultimate solution for landlords – SPEEDHOME’s Homerunner Service! We want the best just for you and your property, and that is why SPEEDHOME is made to become the landlord’s most reliable partner in real estate.

But what are Homerunners?

Our homerunner service is a free viewing management service for all SPEEDHOME landlords, old and new. All landlords have to do is post their listings and register on our page here for us to do the rest. In short, you do the first step then we’ll do the rest!

How do Homerunners help?

  • We help you upsell your property. Homerunners are well-trained to upsell your property and address any questions from tenants to accelerate the deal.
  • We show your units to tenants. Homerunners can assist landlords in attending property viewings & appointments without any delays.
  • We can set up virtual viewing with the tenants. If a tenant prefers a live virtual viewing, our Homerunners will be able to assist at no additional cost.
  • We will manage unlimited viewings. Landlords get to keep to their busy schedule without disruption and Homerunners will manage all the viewings 365 days a year. 
  • We want to keep you safe. Homerunners don’t just take the hassle away but also keep you safe by meeting strangers on your behalf.
  • We save you time from bad experiences. No-show and late appointments are unavoidable and they happen across all sectors. With our Homerunners, you do not have to deal with such a bad experience.

Imagine experiencing the feeling of convenience of having to have the Homerunners do the hard work for FREE! Homerunners do not only provide landlords convenience but handle their work professionally as well. They are not only best in doing their work but also in valuing the landlord, property, and tenant as well. 

Utilizing Feedback:

Following each property viewing, it would be best for you to ask tenants for any kind of feedback. Whether positive or negative, feedback is always important and would certainly help you improve on future viewing experiences for prospective tenants. Why? Think of it this way – collecting feedback from your viewers is the best way to bring any issues to light, which often leads to solving these issues. As you do this, you give yourself a chance at providing an improved viewing experience. In this way, you are more likely to find the best tenant and enhance the entire property viewing experience with little to no effort!


In a nutshell, there are several steps that landlords should take which are crucial to ensure the entire property viewing process runs smoothly. Taking all of this into consideration, you ought to create time-efficient strategies to ensure better convenience for yourself and your prospective tenant when it comes down to it. However, you should also keep in mind that there are always other factors to consider doing property viewings on a case-by-case basis. Hence why it’s important to understand the role of each step in making your rental experience a success!

Ready to streamline your property viewings today? Discover how our Homerunner service can transform your rental process.

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