5 Pros and Cons of Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring has been in style for hundreds of years and can make your home feel more lavish and elegant. The many types of wooden flooring can be used in a variety of decor themes and can help in enriching the overall ambience of an interior. As attractive as this may sound, it can also be risky, high-maintenance and if not treated with the right care, can create an expensive big mess. 

Before you get overwhelmed by the many wooden flooring options available and jump to a decision, it is important to know its advantages and disadvantages, especially in a climate like Malaysia. To help you decide if wooden floorings are for you, we have listed down 5 pros and cons.

5 Pros of Wooden Flooring

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It is generally known that wooden flooring has always been a popular option throughout history for all kinds of interior themes. To understand why it has consistently been a number one choice for people all over the world, let’s take a look at its array of advantages: 

1.  It is a long term investment

hard wood parquet flooring for bedroom

Floors made of tiles or stones may fade or change colour over time. In contrast, wooden flooring has a shelf life of more than a hundred years. It is resistant to impact, stains and cracks. Damages are easier to address as well. You can easily do repairs by replacing the affected panel. 

It might seem like a costly investment, but when it comes to durability not to mention aesthetic, it is worth the price. This is why many old homes are seen to have wooden floors that have survived through the 20th century, into the 21st! 

2.  A variety of options to choose from 

installing a wooden floor

There are a wide variety of choices available when it comes to wooden flooring. You can choose the best one based on the type of wood, installation system and even design. These options allow you to choose one that falls within your budget. 

Whenever you think you are getting bored with the colours on the floor, you can simply add another variety on the same flooring by staining it. Mixing and matching the flooring is also a great idea as there is a variety of types, designs and styles to choose from.

3.  Ageless and always in style 

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Wooden floors have been in style for decades and can be used in all types of homes worldwide. A single installation will last you for generations with the occasional refinishing touches. 

You can explore different types and styles to choose from along with various tones of colours to mix and match. From darker shades like Cherry and Walnut to lighter tones like White Oak and Maple, the list is huge. 

4.  Best for homes with children 

baby crawling on wooden floor

If you have a family with young children, wooden floors are the best options. This type of flooring is not only warm to the feet but they are also 100% non-toxic and baby-friendly flooring as it is slip-resistant and will not harm your baby while they move around on their knees

The chances of injury and accidents decrease when you have wooden floors. If your baby turns the floor into a painting or spills something on it, you can clean it efficiently with no visible stains left behind! 

5.  Increases the value of your home 

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If you are thinking of renting out your home or selling it, wooden floors can add more value to it. Having a wooden floor increases the lux of the property and the market value.

Since wooden floors can be expensive, it is seen as a commodity that offers additional merit to your house. It can attract more buyers and/or tenants to your property. You can even ask for a higher price since it is an added luxury to have! 

5 Cons of Wooden Flooring

fixing broken wooden floor

While we know it’s hard to disregard the advantages of wooden flooring, just like how different people have different lifestyle and preferences, the materials of wooden flooring may not suit your needs and the climate in your home so let’s look into the list of disadvantages that come with wooden flooring: 

1.  Not very cost-effective 

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Although wooden floorings may have several advantages, they also come with a hefty price tag. The cost of wooden flooring is much higher than the usual tile flooring. You can always opt for laminate or vinyl floors but they are not the same as real wooden flooring. 

If you are on a budget but want the look of a wooden floor, you can opt for sheet vinyl floors or tile vinyl flooring. This is why wooden floors are generally not seen in apartment buildings nowadays since it is very costly. 

2.  Termites can cause severe issues 

termites in wooden floor

Wood is the favourite food for termites and the horrifying part is they can come from anywhere at any time. If you install wooden flooring in your house you will have to make sure that there are no termites from under the floor or anywhere near the walls. 

You can try having a pest control session every now and then or choose an option that prevents this disaster in your house. However, once your wood gets damaged by termites it can be expensive to fix. 

3.  Water and moisture damage can happen 

couple wiping wooden floor

Another disadvantage of wooden flooring is that you can’t afford to expose it to water or constant moisture or it will swell up and get damaged. Especially in a climate such as Malaysia, you have to constantly monitor the humidity in your house to prevent irreversible damages to the flooring. 

If you want to clean the floor, you will have to use a dry mop or vacuum cleaner. If seepage takes place, the wood will get destroyed and rot so you will have to replace and refinish the entire affected area. These are also very time consuming and expensive fixtures. 

4.  Occasional refinishing needed

refinishing wooden floor

Wooden floors need a lot of maintenance work as they are sensitive to several damaging factors. To keep your wooden floors looking fresh and new, they will need to be refinished from time to time

This will need an extra budget allocation so your wooden floor can undergo its timely refinishing. The process will also be time-consuming and you will need to plan it out and relocate from that area while it is under work. 

5.  It can be noisy at times

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Wooden flooring can be noisier than other flooring options available in the market. Wood does not absorb any sound, thus making them noisier than others. If you want to avoid noisy wooden floors, you can invest in good solid wooden flooring. 

But, this is much more expensive in comparison to other options like engineered wood floors which act as a veneer for your floor. 

So before you head down to the market to renovate your home with new wooden floors, weight out all the pros and cons and check your bank balance! If you can afford it then wooden floors like parquet flooring or solid timber floorings are a statement luxurious plus to have for your home. But if you have a limited budget, you can always opt for other flooring materials such as vinyl tiles, laminate wood flooring, stone tile, and many more.

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  • Tim Smith

    The benefits of hardwood flooring are quite apparent. If you compare the longevity vs vinyl or tile the decision becomes much easier.


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