Kuala Lumpur’s Best Condos of 2021

Kuala Lumpur has a lot of condominiums. Therefore it could be difficult to choose which condo to rent or buy for investment. But no worries!

We have chosen the 8 most popular condos in Kuala Lumpur! This will help you to find your new place or investment for sure!

1. Cascadium Condominium

This condo is located in the hot area Bangsar! In case you want to live nearby malls, bars and restaurants but still want to have a peaceful environment. This is your condo! Cascadium has 24/7 security and offers everything you need, plus even a swimming pool and BBQ-area. The rent you’ll have to pay sits between RM 2500-6500.

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2. Suasana Sentral Loft

Don’t wanna travel too much to go to work? Then Suasana Sentral Loft is your place! The loft is a 4 minute’s walk away from KL Sentral and if you’re lucky your work is only a corner away. The loft also provides 24/7 security and a lot of extras. For instance, a beautiful swimming pool, BBQ-area and squash court. The rent you’ll have to pay is between RM 2000-7000.

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3. The Oval

The Oval is one of the most expensive and luxurious condos in Kuala Lumpur. If you have the money for this condo, you are lucky! The Oval is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KLCC. Your place will be in front of the Petronas Towers and KLCC Park. The average rent will be RM12,000.

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4. Lavile KL

Lavile KL is located in Taman Maluri which is strategically located at the edge of the hustling and bustling Kuala Lumpur’s city center. Its unique position makes Taman Maluri a high-density area as people will flock from all over to call it home. The rent you’ll have to pay will sit between RM 2000-6000.

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5. One KL

Want to have luxury and privacy? Take a look at One KL, located in KLCC and nearby the Petronas Towers. This condo will cost money, a lot of money. But you’ll receive a private pool, large apartment, 24/7 security and be close to LRT.

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6. Desa Kudalari Condominium

Desa Kudalari features an alluring architectural design and has nearly everything that a high-end property buyer would need in a lavish condominium. Although the property was constructed more than three decades ago, it still rocks because its management has done an incredible job in its maintenance. This condo is nearby KLCC, but the prices are not that high. Monthly rent will cost you between RM 2000-6000.

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7. KL Gateway Residence

Looking for a children-friendly condo? Then this condo is a great option! KL Gateway Residence is located in Bangsar South and is walking distance from schools. The monthly rent will cost you between RM 1900-6000.

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Aria is a sumptuous apartment that is located in KLCC. It is a high-rise development that was developed by Hap Seng Land Sdn Bhd. The property is still under construction and is scheduled to be completed in the year 2019. It’s an upmarket development lounging in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Moreover, it is a residential development that is built on a freehold land. This condo will cost you between RM 3000-8000.

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